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fragging for #pure.et purefragging

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Benelux #fayntic
Netherlands #sjappie
Europe #addicted6
France #PourIX
Europe #luger / syKotic
Anonymous 2 many unknown bullshit clans :d:d:d

(@Tlr|irzy) He did a few things that was totally impossible, unless you use wh : )
(@skid) so LERAXT is hacking?
(@Tlr|irzy) Well he did in that war, It was too obvious.
(@Tlr|irzy) I am pretty sure he used aimbot aswell, cause I didnt aim that bad, yet I had absoltuely no chance.
(@skid) ye well if you see demo, or see it from his eyes.
(@Tlr|irzy) skid nah but seriously, I camped on sd, didnt move in like 15 sec or so, then he just came around the corner, and gave me 3 hs at once

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Member of #Panda.et

2on2 Netherlands NED Rifle cup Netherlands Dumb&Dumber(xizu LeRaxt)
3on3 Europe SND-cup Netherlands KANKERBOYS (skiD rook LeRaxt)

6on6 Europe SND-cup Europe addicted6 (stick spho Rocky Mind sandi LeRaxt)

3on3 Europe SND-cup Benelux addicted6 (nick stick LeRaxt)
3on3 Netherlands Ictus-cup Netherlands addicted6 (stick ness LeRaxt)