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Since 06.06.2007

Gaming background:

I started out playing Action Quake 2 in 2000 when I got Internet for the first time. For a while I was just playing with out being a part of a clan, then I joined up with the clan ALIS. In 2003 I started playing Enemy Territory when it was released.
The clan ALIS closed December 2004, however we reopened the clan in the beginning of march 2006, which actually makes the 6 year anniversary for the clan ALIS.

Between the closing and reopening of ALIS I was a part of the second generation of uNtried which was made of former uNtried players and former ALIS players.
After WoW came out uNtried died, and I went on to open Rubber Duckies which was made of now former uNtried players and former occidio players. Rubber Duckies died in the fall of 2005 and after that I joined up with The Killer Bunnies which is a clan I've always enjoyed playing against.

In the spring of 2006 I decided to leave TKB and at the same time to reopen ALIS. It lasted until the summer, where my computer got borked and when I got back, I couldn't get the clan up and running again :(
In the fall of 2006 I joined up with WSF, which then turned into coitio, played some pretty nice matches 'n stuff :)
So in the beginning of 2007 ALIS was reopened again, and we played with a team at Crossfire Prizefight Challenge 2 LAN in Enschede Holland. In the middle of the summer the team was closed down and I decided to take a break from it.
After that I played with a mixteam made of good players who all used fake nicknames :)

During the fall 2007 Call of Duty 4 was released, which pretty much has got me hooked ever since I started playing it. In the spring of 2008 I joined up with wegame, a Danish CoD4 teams, as their manager, unfortunately the team closed in the end of the summer 2008. Well, after the great performance by the wegame mixteam at SLAP Live #16, the team decided to stick together and they wanted me back as their manager. Just after the new years eve of 2008/2009, we (me and the players of wegame) decided to join up with Team Boomtown.

Summer 2010, I hadn't played in any clans for almost a year, so I decided to play a bit. I joined up with MoH.ET who took me into their arms. The clan lasted about a month, and I lost interest in ET again.

Ever since the spring of 2009 I have been playing Team Fortress 2 on and off, for periods. After I lost interest in ET in 2010 I gained interest in TF2, where I joined the clan/community Team Bellas Room in the fall of 2010. Team Bellas Room is a public clan/community where people just enjoy playing the game for fun, without any competitive attachments and the clan/community is currently made of about 130 members, 7 game servers (4 of them Team Fortress 2).

Former clans:

image: clanalis
image: ET Denmark clanALIS
Year: 2003-2004
HP: [urlnew=http://www.clanalis.dk]www.clanALIS.dk[/url]

Denmark [ALIS]Arachon
Denmark [ALIS]blaaaaa
Norway [ALIS]cold
Denmark [ALIS]Grey
Denmark [ALIS]Innos
Denmark [ALIS]lagger
Denmark [ALIS]Pelle!
Denmark [ALIS]Phreaker
Denmark [ALIS]sia

image: untried
image: ET Denmark uNtried
Year: 2005
HP: [urlnew=#]N/A[/url]
IRC: #uNtried

Denmark <uNtried´Arachon>
Denmark <uNtried´Arsin>
Denmark <uNtried´blaaaaa>
Norway <uNtried´cold>
Denmark <uNtried´christa>
Denmark <uNtried´deptic>
Denmark <uNtried´fersken>
Denmark <uNtried´flegel>
Denmark <uNtried´Gr3y>
Denmark <uNtried´lagger>

image: duckies
image: ET Skandinavia -o_/ Rubber Duckies
Year: 2005
HP: [urlnew=http://duckies.skill.dk]Rubber Duckies[/url]
IRC: #RubberDuckies

Denmark -o_/ Arachon
Netherlands -o_/ asp/larusso
Norway -o_/ Borcster
Norway -o_/ cold
Norway -o_/ doc
Denmark -o_/ fersken
Netherlands -o_/ Flits!
Finland -o_/ kala
Netherlands -o_/ keZZa
Denmark -o_/ lagger
Sweden -o_/ nik
Norway -o_/ noc
Denmark -o_/ Pelle
Norway -o_/ SideEffect
Sweden -o_/ stix

image: tkb
image: ET Finland [TKB] The Killer Bunnies Anonymous
Year: 2005-2006
HP: [urlnew=http://hazeez.daug.net/tkb/]TheKillerBunnies.org[/url]

Finland [TKB]aid
Denmark [TKB]Arachon
Finland [TKB]Gaso
Finland [TKB]Kekka
Finland [TKB]ki-be
Finland [TKB]Mefisto
Finland [TKB]Powah
Finland [TKB]rack
Finland [TKB]Rankeri
Finland [TKB]Speidi
Finland [TKB]weedy

image: denmark
image: ET Denmark Danmark (NationsCup)
Year: 2006
HP: [urlnew=http://nc.enemyterritory.dk]NC.EnemyTerritory.dk[/url]
IRC: #ET.dk

Denmark Arachon.dk
Denmark Ankel.dk
Denmark bLAZ3R.dk
Denmark Darkie.dk
Denmark Exquizit.dk
Denmark frode.dk
Denmark gyzr.dk
Denmark Jetz.dk
Denmark JH.dk
Denmark Kark.dk
Denmark oBs.dk
Denmark Pelle.dk
Denmark SqueeZe.dk

image: clanalis
image: ET Denmark clanALIS
Year: 2006
HP: [urlnew=http://www.clanalis.dk]www.clanALIS.dk[/url]

Denmark Arachon.ALIS
Netherlands cheaSy.ALIS
Norway Cold.ALIS
Finland Drc.ALIS
Finland Gaso.ALIS
Sweden hellgoat.ALIS
Finland jauhis.ALIS
Denmark lagger.ALIS
Netherlands Maverick.ALIS
Finland powah.ALIS
Netherlands Ronner.ALIS
Sweden rosa.ALIS

image: coitio
image: ET Europe coitio
Year: 2006
HP: [urlnew=http://www.et-qw.dk/coitio/]coitio[/url]
IRC: #coitio

Denmark coitio.Arachon
Denmark coitio.bLAZ3R
Belgium coitio.Generalz
Ireland coitio.Herbal
Germany coitio.Noorgrin
Belgium coitio.uNDEAD
Belgium coitio.Xn[]bZ

image: clanalis
image: ET Denmark clanALIS
Year: 2007
HP: [urlnew=http://www.clanalis.dk]www.clanALIS.dk[/url]

Denmark Arachon.ALIS
Denmark bLAZ3R.ALIS
Finland Gaso.ALIS
Estonia galahad.ALIS
Belgium Generalz.ALIS
Denmark lagger.ALIS
Netherlands Maverick.ALIS
Netherlands HNKN_.ALIS
Netherlands ph4ge.ALIS

image: mixfreaks
image: ET Europe Mixfreaks
Year: 2007
HP: [urlnew=http://NA.na]N/A[/url]
IRC: [irc]#N/A[/irc]

Germany Asator.oMFg
Netherlands ayanami.oMFg
Sweden bLAD.oMFg
Germany Don Alberto.oMFg
Finland Gasmo.oMFg
Denmark LIGER!.oMFg
Germany norT.oMFg
Finland onlineonly.oMFg
Netherlands Sumerian.oMFg
Belgium sorry.oMFg
Slovenia slovenian.oMFg
Sweden windows.oMFg
Ireland wolfplayer.oMFg
Netherlands ZORSE_.oMFg
Finland zorT.oMFg

image: wegame
image: cod4 Denmark wegame
Year: 2008
HP: [urlnew=http://www.wegame.co.nr]www.wegame.co.nr[/url]
IRC: #wegame

Denmark wegame AdagiO
Denmark wegame DeZ
Denmark wegame Guana
Denmark wegame Holbek
Denmark wegame Jacks0n
Denmark wegame peeman
Denmark wegame Arachon (Manager)

image: tkb
image: cod4 Finland [TKB] The Killer Bunnies Anonymous
Year: 2007-2008
HP: [urlnew=http://www.TheKillerBunnies.co.nr/]www.TheKillerBunnies.co.nr[/url]

Denmark [TKB]Arachon
Finland [TKB]jini
Netherlands [TKB]HNKN_
Finland [TKB]Kekka
Finland [TKB]kmble
Finland [TKB]powah
Finland [TKB]sparksi
Finland [TKB]PassengeR

image: boomtown
image: cod4 Denmark Team Boomtown
Year: 2008
HP: [urlnew=http://www.Team-Boomtown.com/r]www.Team-Boomtown.com[/url]
IRC: #Team-Boomtown

Denmark boomtown.AdagiO
Denmark boomtown.AK-Freak
Denmark boomtown.Kreave
Denmark boomtown.Jacks0n
Denmark boomtown.Warning
Denmark boomtown.Arachon (Manager)

image: moh
image: ET Spain Men of Honor
Year: 2010
HP: [urlnew=http://NA.na]N/A[/url]

Denmark -MoH-Arachon
Spain -MoH-CiD!
Spain -MoH-FlaT
Norway -MoH-riven
Estonia -MoH-ZeD

Current clan:

image: tbrclan
image: tf2 United Kingdom Team Bellas Room
Year: 2010-?
HP: [urlnew=http://www.TBRclan.com]www.TBRclan.com[/url]
IRC: #TBR-Clan

Too many members to put here :)


This list will only include stuff relevant to Enemy Territory.
image: ET NorthPole Cup (ALIS)
image: ET RTCW.no ET season 2, Bravo (ALIS)
image: ET CB OC Spring, 2nd division (ALIS)
image: ET CB Summer Cup, Premier division (ALIS)
image: ET CB OC Fall, Premier division (ALIS)
image: ET WarLeagues season 4, Alpha (ALIS)
image: ET Danish ET-cup winner (ALIS)
image: ET Optihack (WL)
image: ET WarLeagues season 4, Alpha (uN)
image: ET CB OC Spring, Premier division (uN)
image: ET Team04-cup winner (-o_/)
image: ET CB Summer Cup, 3rd division (-o_/)
image: ET WarLeagues season 5, Bravo (-o_/)
image: ET CB Nations Cup (Danmark)
image: ET WarLeagues season 6, Charlie (ALIS)
image: ET ESL Fall series, 2nd division (coitio)
image: ET CB OC 3on3, 3rd division (coitio)
image: ET Crossfire Prizefight Challenge 2 (ALIS)
image: ET CB OC 6on6, 3rd division (ALIS)
image: cod4 CB S&D OC Spring 2008 Div 2 (TKB)
image: cod4 the-eXperience B Tournament (wegame)
image: cod4 the-eXperience A Tournament (wegame)
image: cod4 ESL Autumn 2008 Promod Third Division (TKB)
image: cod4 CB S&D OC Fall 2008 Div 9 (TKB)
image: cod4 ELS Winter 2008 Promod (TKB)
image: cod4 HLParty 2009 (Team Boomtown)
image: ET CB Summer Cup 5on5 (MoH)
image: ET CB Summer Cup 2on2 (MoH)


Sweden Optihack, Gothenburg. 2005
In 2005 I was in Gothenburg competing in the 3on3 tournament; There was 10 teams signed up and one of them was WarLeagues admins, which I played with. We moved on from the group stage but lost our second playoff match to memento mori. The most unfortunate thing was that I did not have a computer throughout the entire weekend, even though I was promised one :(

Netherlands CPC #1, Rotterdam. 2006
In 2006 I walked on to a flight in Copenhagen and flew down to Amsterdam, next by train to Rotterdam to meet up with Ronner. The best thing about the LAN was the entire social life, meeting up with people I knew from teh Int0rwebz, the bad thing was that I did not play any game; because I wasn't playing with a team.

Denmark shgOpen, Copenhagen. 2007
In February of 2007 I attended the shgOpen, which was almost in my back yard, so to say, my main reason for being there was making coverage for Crossfire. However, because I could not connect to any ETTV servers from the press-area and I saw people on the Internet doing updates on the matches, I didn't have that much to do. So I disappointed myself a lot by only doing 2 lousy interviews :(

Netherlands CPC #2, Enschede. 2007
The first event for years where I finally got to play at a LAN, and I loved it. If we (clanALIS) would only had practised just a week before the LAN, with our LAN-lineup I think we would have gotten through from the group stage. We lost our online game against dignitas, tied our LAN-game against OCTENse and lost our final group game against K1cK. The best LAN I have ever attended \o/

Netherlands CDC #3, Enschede. 2007
At first I went all emo, when I realised during the summer that I did not have the cash to go to CDC #3; but then I finally managed to get some dough and went. Unfortunately HNKN stole my spot in playing with dark&beyond, but hey... it's okay :)
I had a great time at the event once again and I can recommend people to attend events like this in the future :)

Denmark the-eXperience, Roskilde. 2008
At the end of July I went to the-eXperience, where I was participating at the event as manager for wegame. We signed up for the B tournament, where we ended 7th-8th. Only the 6 best teams went to the A tournament, however there was a team which was not coming, which meant that the final spot had to be decided between the 7th-8th placing teams; fortunately we won and entered the A tournament.
The A tournament we were place in the same group as fnatic, TEK9, Druidz, Oslo Lions and Team Fr33dom. In the group play we ended 4th in the group, which meant we went to the playoffs. However one of the players had to leave to go on vacation, so we kind of forfeited the game.
It was the most professional and best arranged event I have ever been to, seeing that the schedule was almost running like clockwork. I can definitely recommend people to stop by TEX2009.

Denmark SLAP Live #16. 2008
The end of September I was covering SLAP Live #16, which was basically in my backyard. I was doing coverage for CoDGaming.dk and also casting matches with BoomTV. The team which I used to manage, wegame, was also attending and they managed to take fourth place in the tournament as the second best Danish team, losing 10-13 in the LB final to Button Bashers.

Denmark HLParty. 2009
During the easter holidays, I participated in HLParty, playing as standin for Team Boomtown, the team which I also was managing at that time. We proved that, even with a crappy standin like me, we were the best at the LAN; winning a crappy inear headset :-/

Community work:

About a year after I started playing Action Quake 2, I joined up with the danish gamesite called GameLand, they had different gameservers sponsored by Tiscali.dk. At GameLand my job was to write news about AQ2 and RQ3, and to keep the gameservers clear of eggheads.
In the winter of 2003/2004 I joined up with the owner of EnemyTerritory.dk, AKP, to become news writer at that site.
In the spring/summer of 2004 I was asked if I wanted to join RTCW.no to become game admin and after the summer RTCW.no became WarLeagues.com, where my role was League Supervisor; I quit this job in the spring of 2005.
During the fall of 2004 me and a couple of other danish news writers made the new ET-section of Played.dk which is a well known danish eSports site.
2005 was also the year I hosted M8D Radio some times, which was alot of fun since I have always liked the friday night radio show. At the same time I was also "hired" as a freelance news writer at sweRTCW.
When CoD4 was released, I joined up with CoDGaming.dk to provide the Danish community with news posts etc. In the summer of 2008 I joined up with BoomTV, casting my first matches ever.
After being away from ET and CoD since 2009, I stopped as admin and news write at Crossfire.nu and became a "Trusted Member".

Previous community work:

image: gameland
image: AQ Denmark GameLand
Job: News writer and server admin.
HP: [urlnew=http://www.gameland.dk]www.GameLand.dk[/url]
IRC: #GameLand

image: etdk
image: ET Denmark EnemyTerritory.dk
Job: News writer.
HP: [urlnew=http://www.EnemyTerritory.dk]www.EnemyTerritory.dk[/url]
IRC: #EnemyTerritory.dk

image: rtcw
image: ET Norway RTCW.no
Job: ET Admin.
HP: [urlnew=http://www.rtcw.no]www.rtcw.no[/url]

image: wl
image: ET Europe WarLeagues
Job: League supervisor.
HP: [urlnew=http://www.warleagues.com]www.WarLeagues.com[/url]
IRC: #WarLeagues | #WarLeagues.et

image: m8d
image: ET Europe M8D radio
Job: Hosted once in a while
HP: [urlnew=http://m8d.org]www.M8D.org[/url]

image: swertcw
image: ET Sweden sweRTCW
Job: News writer.
HP: [urlnew=http://www.sweRTCW.com]www.sweRTCW.com[/url]

image: played
image: ET Denmark Played
Job ET news editor.
HP: [urlnew=http://www.played.dk]www.played.dk[/url]
IRC: #played

image: codgaming
image: cod4 Denmark CoDGaming.dk
Job News writer
HP: [urlnew=http://www.CoDGaming.dk]www.CoDGaming.dk[/url]
IRC: #CoDgaming.dk

image: boomtv
image: cod4 Denmark BoomTV
Job Co-casters
HP: [urlnew=http://www.BoomTV.dk]www.BoomTV.dk[/url]
IRC: #BoomTV

image: crossfire
image: ETimage: cod4 Europe Crossfire.nu
Job: Administrator/News writer
HP: [urlnew=http://www.Crossfire.nu]www.Crossfire.nu[/url]
IRC: #Crossfire

Current community work:

image: crossfire
image: ETimage: cod4 Europe Crossfire.nu
Job: Trusted Member
HP: [urlnew=http://www.Crossfire.nu]www.Crossfire.nu[/url]
IRC: #Crossfire


Danish ET-cup winner 2004 [ALIS]
Team04-cup winner 2005 -o_/
ClanBase OC 3on3 div. 3 2007 coitio.
HLParty 2009 Team Boomtown

Global][Gaming 6vs6 cup #4 2007 ducks.org

12th Crossfire Prizefight Challenge 2 .ALIS :P
http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=interview&mode=item&id=41 :P
CPUPentium Dual-Core E5300 @ 2.60GHz
MotherboardGigabyte GA-EP43-S3L
Memory4 GB Kingston HyperX 1066MHz
StorageSamsung 640GB 7200 RPM 16MB
GraphicsGeForce GTS 250
Operating SystemWindows XP Vista Edition
MonitorSamsung 2233RZ
KeyboardLogitech UltraX
MouseLogitech MX518
MousepadSteelpad QcK Heavy
HeadsetSennheiser PC150
Connection4Mbit/512Kbit Cable