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meine yawn

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old http://www.yawn.be/findPlayer.yawn?d-1588-p=4&pbGuid=790d3993&gamecode=ET

Bestest ex-clan

Netherlands nobLe

Netherlands juA
Netherlands sweexh
Netherlands rezhni
Netherlands zeniC
Netherlands cZster
Netherlands fizZ


to myself the rest can fuck off and die

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nVidia: strange dude u must be really ownator, ppl who are best in 1v1 didnt rape me as much like u did, u musty be really skilled.
Norway artline.Eirik: nice knowing
Norway artline.Eirik: nice shooting through walls
Belgium Lio: die eeteenwortel is niet clean ben ik zeekr 100%
Belgium Lio: Headshot acc van 18 procent ofzo en mAus en butchji schieten maar 14
Belgium Lio: 15.9 en 16.7 headshot percentage van een nonamer dat ga je me niet wijsmaken :D
Germany plasa^scOw: juA jij gebruikt hax?
Germany butchji: nice reaction
Belgium jetro: coders
Austria rapture: ROFL
Austria rapture: n1 hack
United Kingdom d`mazee: hahahha u really think anyone want to play against cheaters like yourself, plz just fuck off..
United Kingdom rY.bLITZ: jua
United Kingdom rY.bLITZ: hahah
United Kingdom rY.bLITZ: not surprised
United Kingdom rY.bLITZ: your to obvious
United Kingdom rY.h20xygen: that hoi is cheating
Finland sFx.MTM: juA you are obvious :D
Germany Evylinn: i played against REAL pros not cheater guys like you
Germany vegi: get life
Germany vegi: hacking in a game
Germany vegi: its 2 obvious fucker
Germany vegi: we played EC players yesterday
Germany vegi: and they were half as good as you
Germany vegi: kinda strange
Germany vegi: anyway g2g cu fucker
Netherlands onemove|hayAa Thursday, 20th November 2008 00:04
jua je bent de slechte wh'er die ik heb gezien haha

couchor Friday, 21st November 2008 01:27
if juA played this game , the whole team should get CB banned like FF did in the last EC , rly

Germany rise_ on 03/08/08, 02:03:35 PM | Reply

pls make a lanteam together, you only need 1 more.

if jua and parra will play the same on lan as they do online - especially jua, i just love his aim (parra's aim - compared to jua's - often seems like uber-lowsens combined with rambo, backraping and camping which might lead to uber-dmg, so i'm not sure about him, but i can't believe jua), i will honestly apologise =)

Finland Sukka on 18/09/08, 21:32:55 PM | Reply

want to see juA owning in lan :) will buy one beer to him if he is good as online.

Finland Spirea on 22/11/08, 12:44:02 PM | Reply

jua has been a bit too good for some time already :)

<LavOd> Ja kerel
<LavOd> Ik kan je maar 1 advies geven
<LavOd> Gewoon elke dag je rozenbottels en wortels eten
<LavOd> Komt alles goed

Anonymous Steen on 22/11/08, 16:53:27 PM | Reply

ewa savi drerri juA is gewoon kanker goed klaar, kom naar eindhoven woensel als je het bewijs wilt juA klaart jou a sahabi. peace


Im just fucking good

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Lucky-bitches 6v6 cup with Netherlands nobLe on (17th May 2007)

Netherlands juA
Netherlands rezhni
Netherlands sweexh
Netherlands zenic
Netherlands noizZ
Netherlands cZster

Re-Play 6on6 Oneday Cup #9


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Netherlands jackie
Netherlands m1lk
Netherlands Lun4tic
Netherlands foSt
Netherlands perfo

NavyCup #8 (18-01-09)


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Splendid-cup #1 (18-01-09)


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Anonymous parra
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