LAN Veteran

Has attended an ET LAN event


Long description short : too many clans to mention.

Most notably :

NFP : Veeth - Fennex - Prophet - Vasara, - Jamzzi - Sparrow - Kelnoky - Slarto - and many more
aD (nkNn) : Illumise - chizz6l - Yuno - loazis - caej - ovie - vapor - and many more
bF: Gifted - chizz6l - Undead - AL1 - Sup3r - chry - Yuno - Lunatic - xperia - Boss
overload : Saken - Joshua - Boss - phyzic - Squid - Monkey - chizz6l
iNmotion : Theezakje - Boss - rnz - scuba - Tardler - shitty - xcon

You guys are all awesome.
(The guys in italic were the clanleaders, check their profile for more nostalgia and more info!)


Never was too active, I only cared about having fun and shooting headshots.So for achievements, I think I got some with nkNn, bF and overload. Probably something about it on illumise, gifted and saken their profile. This is what I remember :

Played a few EC's, never too active. Usually only played the matches to get in EC and the first few games. My teams won a few OC's, but again I never played anything after the semi-finals because of other commitments. Did good with nkNn on 3on3 ladders when they were still active and got to number one for some time. With nKNn we also got number 1 on the 2v2 ladder, but I had nothing to do with that. Had a great time on LAN with nkNn. Was high on painkillers, which made it even more fun.

Movies and clips


I barely ever recorded, but since I was usually in a more defensive role on my teams, no one ever asked for my demos (only twice). Despite that, Veeth made a great movie of some of the few demos I kept shortly after joining nkNn. Most of these frags are either memories of my times with nfp and a few demos from when I just started playing with nkNn.


A clip made for me by Griim. He wanted to test his movie skills and I just made a decent frag. Also a great souvenir because I was sort of letting go of the game at that point.


CPUComputers are for nerds and for people that fail at life.
MotherboardI only use my blackberry.
StorageI also have a laptop, which I use on rare occasions.