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(18:25:33) (+rasen) i think people like stewie are the problem why israel is fighting with palestina
(18:25:35) (+rasen) :-)

(18:37:04) (+s|dusty) we would be more efficiant if we had wheels instead of legs

(18:XX:XX) (+FlyingDJ) I wouldn't expect anything intelligent said by someone opped in #loekino and #swas

(+PetriP-TNT) tubgirl ownz
(+PetriP-TNT) I wish I had a girlfriend which could shoot shit like rockets

(21:48:28) (@Loekino) OMG
(21:48:32) (@Loekino) I LEARNED SMTH TODAY

(18:56:46) (+`Xeon) btw!
(18:56:52) (+`Xeon) i thought i improved by playing against bots
(18:56:58) (+zivs) o_O
(18:57:00) (@Aramusha) what skill?
(18:57:01) (+`Xeon) @ highest level
(18:57:04) (@Aramusha) 100?
(18:57:07) (@Roach`) :D
(18:57:15) (+`Xeon) eeeuhm?
(18:57:16) (+`Xeon) Nightmare
(18:57:18) (+`Xeon) dunno which that is :<
(18:57:22) (@Aramusha) ...
(18:57:24) (+outb`kMZ) -_-
(18:57:25) (@Aramusha) it's 5 out of 100
(18:57:26) (+`Xeon) but he wasn't that nightmare :<
(18:57:27) (@Aramusha) ...
(18:57:32) (+`Xeon) LOL
(18:57:36) (+`Xeon) so u can have Alot higher?
(18:57:39) (@Aramusha) Yeah
(18:57:51) (+`Xeon) ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFL, i made a complete fool out of myself didn't i? :D:D:D
(18:57:59) (+zivs) yes you did.
(18:58:01) (@Aramusha) Pretty much yes. :)
(18:58:03) (+`Xeon) this is so totaly gonna be a quote :< :D