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United Kingdom Inglorious Basterds!

United Kingdom Potty
United Kingdom gariN
Netherlands Ironic
Portugal rahzel
Norway moldu

Norway Team Norway

Norway Domi [Kaptein]
Norway Hexagon
Norway kaiz
Norway Zodiac
Norway Eirik


Norway moldu
Norway Exztra
Norway Martinius

Europe ninjas.et

Norway moldu
Finland riZla
Poland johNny
Poland evokz
Poland hitsu
Germany meNtal

Sweden Order-Gaming <3

Sweden vArgen
Sweden bira
Sweden kaviar
Iceland Jihadii
Norway moldu
Sweden vktr


Norway stagarN
Sweden Skabb
Sweden fred

Sweden Vargens Weekend Mix

Sweden vArgen
Sweden bira
Sweden jokler
Sweden fredonius
Sweden Dasen
Sweden star
Sweden Lint
Germany Evilynn
Germany iiky
Norway moldu
Norway stagarn
England syko
Netherlands Jenniey
Netherlands Eddo

Europe MythBusters]

Norway moldu
Finland Vegee
Finland Jakke
Finland mobss
Turkey TanQ
Portugal Amnesia

Europe Messiah Gaming

Turkey TanQ
Belgium v4qe
Netherlands Nud3L/Nadia
Norway moldu
Belgium haemo
Finland Nixxu

Europe Divine Intervention

Norway rivjee
Belgium swift
Netherlands booNtje
Belgium Lumi
Netherlands Cobra
Norway moldu
England daaftji
Germany c3nty
Finland Janus
Germany flaSh

Norway Easy Company / Team Sexy

Norway klovn
Norway Martinius
Norway moldu
Norway kris
Norway Christer
Norway xlenZ
Norway DimZ
Norway Toit
Norway Shocker
Finland frAp

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5on5 OC 4th div. with United Kingdom ib.et
3on3 OC 7th div. with Armenia HAYASTAN
playing ET for almost 15 years
molduen (Rank: 8126) gbooky at gamestv.org