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United Kingdom Hus
United States of America Koby
United Kingdom Kuruishio
United States of America DJ Storm
United States of America Frozen Log
United States of America Devastation
United States of America Singular Element

United Kingdom John
Netherlands fight
United Kingdom shad
Netherlands duro
Netherlands stickie
Netherlands rookie
Netherlands wezor (weskjoe)
Finland Trigger
Netherlands Sainted
Netherlands Wesbo
Netherlands Joop

United Kingdom John
Netherlands Spho <3
Finland Roskis <3
United Kingdom Nyke <3
Sweden uniX <3
Netherlands p0rn <3
Netherlands Foxy <3

wArning!. Blue:
United Kingdom John
United Kingdom Nyke <3
Belgium r0man :X
Belgium Trix :X
Finland Vanhaomena
Netherlands Phunk :X

United Kingdom John
United Kingdom Nyke <3[/IMG]]
Sweden Gosu*uniX: do you take pictures when you make sperms

United Kingdom Nyke: John, I am going to be really popular at uni."

United Kingdom Nyke: PB is one of the worst anti cheat systems tbh
United Kingdom Nyke: lol
United Kingdom Nyke: in css if u hack theyl ban u faster than a jew on crack"


People who I send my love to:

United Kingdom Nyke <3<3<3
United Kingdom Waki<3<3<3
Finland Roskis <3<3<3
Netherlands Spho <3<3<3
Netherlands p0rn <3<3<3
Netherlands Foxy<3<3<3
Sweden uniX<3<3<3

People who I send my hate:

Poland Fuxor


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CPUIntel Core 2 Quad Processor Q6600 2.4GHz, 1066HMz FSB, 8MB Cache
Memory3 GB
Storage250 GB
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce 8400
Operating SystemWindiows Vista (R) Home Premium
Monitor20" LG Screen
KeyboardInternet Explore .1
MouseNeed new one
MousepadNeed one
HeadsetSennheiser PC150
ConnectionWireless (54Mbps)