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will edit when i'll be motivated to do so

oh ye:

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[ultra fucking platinum god of aestetics Sweden iGGe]

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[5th reserved place for kind sir]

Belgium latarki for giving me free guest pass key for Diablo 3

bfbc2: lol bb

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bf3: yeaaah

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all the people loving dnb on this site are gods.


» Won

» Enemy Territory
ClanBase Open Cup 5on5 2010 Premier League with Europe vibe
2nd div. ESL with Russia AD.RUS
Madzone Cup 6v6 with Russia AD.RUS
2nd div. CB Hot-Tea Cup 6v6 with Europe AnomaliA
BaseRace Cup 7v7 with Anonymous RNM mixed
Moscow Cup I with Europe Baltia-Germany
cdap-cup v8 3on3 with Europe pistolz
I Kannt Spall (iKs) 6on6 CUP with Netherlands accurate
2nd div. CB Hot-Tea Cup 6v6 with Europe AnomaliA
Stream Cup v1 with Europe AnomaliA
3rd div. ESL Fall Cup 6v6 with Russia AD.RUS
CB ladder 6v6 with Austria cdap-razer
#cs3r.et 3v3 NightCup with Germany cs3r
4th CB ladder 3v3 with Europe Lugers
5th CB ladder 6v6 with Russia AD.RUS

» Call of Duty 4
eXp TDM Cup with Germany one4one (300$)
C4 Cups #26 with Germany one4one
ESL Winter "King of the Hill" Cup with Germany HighBot (2 months premium & some $)
C4 Cups #14 with Germany one4one
Explosive Sabotage Cup with Germany one4one (150$)
Played a Showmatch on newpromod & being shoutcasted by h2k-gaming crew.

» Played/Playing

» Enemy Territory
- OC Div Premier with Austria cdap-black
- Summer Cup 2008 with Netherlands accurate
- OC Div Second Semi-Final with Russia AD.RUS
- Played NC with Ukraine Ukraine & Russia Russia
- ClanBase EuroCup XVIII (Quali) with Netherlands accurate (kicked lulz)

» Call of Duty 4
- OC Div 4 (out of 15) with Germany one4one
- ProCod.ru with Germany one4one
- BeFirst VI Open Cup 2008 with Germany one4one
- Storm the Front Season #1 with Germany HIGHBOT
CPUi5 3550 @ 3.30 ghz
Memory8gb dd3
Storage500GB + 80GB
GraphicsGTX 560
SoundSoundMax 5.1
Operating Systemw7 64bit
MonitorSamsung 19' SyncMaster 920n
Keyboardlogitech wireless
Mousemx518 + hyperglides
Mousepadrazer mantis speed
HeadsetSENNHEISER cx300-II