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Current Team:

none, due to inactivity


Europe re-play #2 reactivated

Luxembourg nos
Germany aAAl
Germany mOsquito
Anonymous IsolAtioN
Germany s0Lut3
Germany GhaNa
Poland ridji

Europe re-play #1

Cook Islands nos (c)
Luxembourg Nud3L
Germany pSy
Germany s0Lut3
Germany IsolAtioN
Germany tinti
Poland arabje
Germany zafoga
Germany GhaNa

Europe Team - exiliCa aka 4evolution

Germany tESSAIGA
Germany vix0r
Germany s0Lut3
Germany IsolAtioN
Germany Manhun7
Italy adriano

Backups :

Netherlands Garcha aka ton1
Netherlands Phemon
Italy penOxa

Baden-Württemberg Baden-Württemberg II (federal team)

Baden-Württemberg Fear
Baden-Württemberg flame
Baden-Württemberg jaQula
Baden-Württemberg desti
Baden-Württemberg IsolAtioN
Baden-Württemberg krannq
Baden-Württemberg sonic
Baden-Württemberg chrisal
Baden-Württemberg keta
Baden-Württemberg pSy
Baden-Württemberg Loku

Shoutouts are going to Netherlands Phemon for beeing my favourite Netherlands Dutchie and entertaining us with german phrases on teamspeak !



Evolution Cup 2006 with Europe exiliCa
Clanbase Opencup Spring 2007 Div. 5 with Europe exiliCa
GET 6on6 Ladder from 7.1 - 9.3 (drop) with Europe exiliCa

sTREETFIGHTERS-Kompetenzteam BNC-Verlosung 8.1.2006 !
ESL Freizeitliga Winter 6on6 2006 with Europe exiliCa but got kicked out because of "cheating" xD

for beeing the favourite Germany Yerman of Netherlands Phemon
CPUIntel Core 2 Duo Q6600 @ 2.4 Ghz
Memory3 GB
Storage500 GB
GraphicsGeForce 8600 GS
Monitor19" LCD
MouseLogitech G3
ConnectionDSL 6000