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Jos sä kelaat että susta joku päivä tulee champpi, sä oot silloin champpi jo tänään


Anonymous One-day cups with Finland naamaharjat:E
Finland Antman 2on2 Goldendunk and Powerball cups with Finland Morin
Kicked from two Anonymous cups for being too highskilled
Finland School-lans 2006 ET 6on6
Banned from Finland School-lans for being too highskilled
OC 3on3 7th division with Finland#palikka
Warleagues premier with Finland Identical
Highest fragger on Finland/Italy publics
Summercup 2008 with Turkey Evottajat
OC 6on6 2nd division with Turkey Evottajat
Some 6on6 noobcups with Finland mASCULINE mans
First player ever to beat Finland Morin in a Valhalla rifleduel
ClanBase 5on5 ladder with Finland KRP
ClanBase 6on6 ladder with Finland KRP
Regret's LMS sniper cup
ESL premier 09 with Finland mASCULINE mans
3on3 Anonymous CB ladder with Finland#palikka
[12th] Got my Anonymous "trailer" nominated the 12th best movie in Crossfire Movie Awards '08