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Welcome to my Crossfire Profile!

ø My Stuff:

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ø K.I.Z.
ø Frauenarzt
ø Sido
ø Mc Basstard
ø Sicc
ø 4.9.0. Friedhofchiller
ø Swissgin
ø Kool Savas
ø Bass Sultan Hengzt
ø F.R.
ø Favorite
ø Hirntot Records
ø Mach-one
ø Shiml

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ø Enemy Territory achievements:

I did 13337 Damage
I always have >50 acc @ public
I always get kicked from public for aimbot
I played ETTV

ø loli achievements:

Crossfire said that I'm funny :XD
I pwn @ photoshop/drawing
My friends say that i look like Sido
At the disco a friend of mine beated 4 guys K.O. in 30seconds. nP
I went to the cinema to watch "Meet the Spartans" after 30minutes we realised that we were sitting in "10.000 B.C." xDDD