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image: cup_gold Estonia Infect - 1337 profile check :<

My myspace including my music[/b]]

My YouTube containing some videos of my Live Performances.[/b]]
the worst ones btw.


Estonia#glitz - 6on6 OC[/b]]
Estonia CLAIMAXz
Estonia FIERRO
Estonia OKz
Estonia kkris
Poland vega
Spain JiZz
Estonia slotout bup

Estonia8Bits #glitz - 3on3[/b]]
Estonia CLAIMAXz
Estonia Dj-Freeze
Estonia LudA
Estonia sCyter
Estonia Sinnu

EstoniaGLITz - 3on3/6on6[/b] / DEAD ]

Managment -
Estonia KRZ&R
Estonia CLAIMAXz
United Kingdom hVkiii

6on6 squad -
Estonia none atm.

3on3/2on2 Squad
Estonia LudA
Estonia Fierro
Estonia CLAIMAXz

Europe#iNcreased - 6on6[/b] / DEAD]
United Kingdom hVkiii / xErper
Finland Kape
Belgium Fab
Netherlands syntic
Netherlands Terifire
Netherlands Bigsmoke
Estonia CLAIMAXz
United Kingdom noedel
United Kingdom DtSje
United Kingdom KesneL
Poland unaimed

Estonia#Northend - 6on6[/b] / DEAD]
Estonia mztii
Estonia m00b
Estonia bitbeast
Estonia CLAIMAXz
Estonia mike
Estonia Fierro
Estonia r3ne

Estonia#fs.ee -3on3[/b] / DEAD]
Estonia CLAIMAXz
Estonia slAsh
Estonia screamEr

EstoniaGLITz(oldteam) - 3on3[/b] / DEAD]
Estonia CLAIMAXz (ex #northend & #fs.ee)
Estonia mztii (ex xPz, t4ce.eu, serious-intention, #northend)
Estonia simCa (ex xPz, #northend, overdose)
Estonia Fierro (ex Vagrants, overdose, OCTENSe, pstarZ, hyf)

EstoniaeNjoy.9th - 6on6[/b] / DEAD]
Estonia CLAIMAXz
Estonia Bacardyz
Estonia sepik
Estonia mythic
Estonia boTTi
Estonia r3ne

(12:54:05) (idem|hVkiii`gG) I used to watch power rangers until the red range screwed the yellow and they had an orange baby...

Contacting me -
image: mirc_logo #glitz - CLAIMAXz or CLAIMAXzZz
image: msn egert166@hot.ee
image: cfmw7 Claim - PM me
image: mailsb9 claim.clanbase@mail.ee


x GLITZ ESPORTS Leader - www.GLITZ-ESPORTS.com | #glitz
x Estonian All-Star South Captain
x 3vs3 Estonia WorldCup Captain
x Hotkey holding match after LudA and slash, ventrilo 2.1.4

Estonian Oscar awards 2008
x Biggest egoist of the year!
x Most overrated player of the year!

gaming awardz
x Viljandi Aktivist 2008 Lanparty with Estonia glitz Gaming
x #soulFighters 3on3 cup #1 16 teams with Estonia GLITz
x eChaoz 3vs3 cup Premier league with Estonia GLITz
x Special People 3on3 Cup with Estonia 8B1ts#glitz
x Idem one day cup v4 3vs3 with Estonia glitz Gaming
x eSports Arena 2007 with Estonia glitz Gaming
x #unwise 5on5 1daycup with Estonia glitz Gaming
x Detonation XL 3on3 Cup #2 with Estonia glitz Gaming
x CB 2on2 Stopwatch ladder for a short period of time in March, 2008 with Estonia glitz Gaming
x caesp3r Cup v1 with Estonia glitz Gaming
x selected5.Cup 3vs3 with Estonia glitz Gaming
x CB OC 2007 Fall 2nd league, Group D with Estonia glitz Gaming
x CB OC 2007 Fall 3vs3 Premier League, Group A. Estonia glitz Gaming
x #SCWcup 6on6 with Estonia glitz Gaming
x retrocup 6vs6 with Estonia fakeGlitz
x #jsg.cup 16teams with Estonia GLITz
x #isg.cup 8teams with Estonia GLITz
x #iKs.cup v8 16 teams with Estonia GLITz
x re-play 6on6 1daycup with Estonia glitz Gaming
x ESL 6on6 Fall Cup 2006 2nd League Groupstage (lost 1st place because played 1 match with 1 barred player against adminteam zenith, wp Germanychosen) with Estonia#fs.ee
Graphicsgeforce mx440
Soundintegrated crap
Operating SystemXP
Monitor21' - 60hz
Keyboardrandom 5 yr old crap.
MouseRazer Diamondback.
MousepadRazer Pro|Solutions
HeadsetSome random.
Connection4 mb