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nffb] Finland ecnuob
Finland nmkrj
Finland Pamppa
Finland kolla
Finland Hemo
Finland Nsane
Finland jini
Finland pekka

Fightclub (3on3)] Finland ecnuob
Finland kolla
Finland otsi

Stargate] Canada Mckay
Europe tapenigga
United States of America Oh'Neil
United States of America Jackson
United States of America Hammond
United States of America Sheppard
Europe Apophis

Finland Duck n Cover (link to clanbase)

iHero.lan] Finland ecnuob
Finland Capu
Finland decem
Finland roskis
Finland MTM
Finland tapsa

SIRKUSFINLANDIA (3on3)] FinlandCircus * B0na ATI
FinlandCircus * M!ra ATI
FinlandCircus * K0la ATI

Fightclub] Finland ecnuob
Finland otsi
Finland cellux
Finland McGangsta
Finland kolla
Finland cobsa

Pook] Finland ecnuob
Finland amg
Finland kolla
Finland kaptenski
Finland Olzei
Finland Op3rator
Finland Lzzi

#et.fi allstars ] Finland ecnuob
Finland faesti
Finland kolla
Finland Exe
Finland Dable

Pallot] Finland ecnuob
Finland Kapa
Finland Vanhaomena
Finland Sceron
Finland Nsane
Finland Tsnss

IFlash] Finland ecnuob
Finland Mulukku
Finland T-Shot
Finland vsv
Finland Murmeli
Finland Reks1
Finland POnttinen
Finland Tessu

noppa] Finland ecnuob (merc)
Finland kolla
Finland Mulukku
Finland konkelo
Finland vsv
Finland Murmeli
Finland Mettis

LB] Finland ecnuob
Finland Eqqqu
Finland POnttinen
Finland Dargoth
Finland Nix0r
Finland SaunaMajuri
Finland Temesis
Finland Andy
Finland Souldrinker

Pingut] Finland ecnuob
Finland kolla
Finland sandi
Finland razer
Finland Hilloviiva
Finland Whiski

Movies/trailers I've made
Clan-venue trailer
Kaptenski the Movie
Circus trailer
ij1 trailer


Volume's Rainy Sunday Special with Duck n Cover
coRCup~v.3 with TTD.ET
cdap 6v6 cup v2 with stargate
Re-play 6on6 Oneday cup #3 with Duck n Cover
- Played ET 3on3 OpenCup Spring 2006 with team SIRKUSFINLANDIA

Sirkus-meeting 2006 & 2007
Riots-meeting 2007

Netherlands Played @CDC3 with iHero
Operating SystemUbuntu Studio
MonitorBenQ G2400W
MouseLogitech MX518