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Played on CDC4 with Team-Ephix (7/8 placing)
Played on CDC5 with dNan (7/8 placing)

got my PWO account from m1r53 <3


(19:22:06) (ephixFAIL`Wesbo) ja maar ik ben een bekende pro

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[14:18] <ephix`emoiwi> ik ga morge me kamer zwart verven

Netherlands Infi: wij hebben ook een hele goede teamwork als we samenwerken

<gloomexs> finnish sounds like two alphabets went to nuclear war and the fallout mutated it into something seriously fucked up with lots of i's and e's.


Sent by Allir on Friday 28th December 2007, 11:40

heb gewoon ff een noorse vlag, miss ga ik net zo goed worden als jij!


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OC fall 3on3 cup 3rd league Devastation
FlashForward 6v6 CUP v4 Devastation
ET SW 3on3 OpenCup Fall 2010 (DetonationXL)
#BMG.cup v9 (Baserace ET)
OC spring 3on3 3rd league (Deto) 3on3 cup 10 aug. (dNan / Tje)
#Fc cup (Deto)
#bgaming Cup (Deto)
#re-play cup #8 (dNan)
#tac2 #4 (dNan)
#increased Pistol cup (TIJGERS!])
Infinity 6on6 cup V1 (zeroE)
Western 1on1 cup V4
SCW 2on2 cup v4 (kLoningen)
Coldfire Ondeday I 3on3 (kLoningen)
Coldfire Duels VI
#evu.cup (zeroE)
#Coldfire X-Mas II 6on6 (dNan)
#Coldfire Ultimate II 6on6 (zeroE)
#iKs - New season (Ati_)
#eNorma Cup #2 (menTiz)
#Coldfire.cup Piimaauto (2on2) (sjoerd)

#obvious-gaming 3on3 Tje (WITH IRONIC LOLOL???
#Coldfire 3on3 cup (Wii)
#Coldfire Duels VII
#Coldfire.cup 3on3 Oneday IV (With h4l)
#Dezz cup #tac2 (TIJGERS)
#eChaoz cup
#Tacky Cup cup v1 (Firewall)
#replay 2on2 cup (h4l)
#Coldfire duels II

OC Fall 3on3 2nd league (Deto) cup (Deto)
#Firewall 3on3 Cup (Deto)
Summercup 3rd div (kapoks 2007)
#replay 6vs6 oneday cup (dNan)
#Coldfire 3v3 cup III (kLoningen)



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