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A gamer for over 24 years, since the introduction of home gaming in the early 80's including the Spectrum, Commodore and Atari consoles. Through the 90's with Nintendo and Sony and on to PC's. Paul played at a semi professional level competing in all of the major national UK tournaments, winning several tournaments for cash and also won a place in the WCG 2004 UK finals, finishing 7th overall. With his team RevolutioN in 2005, they won an unprecedented 43 games from 44 match (the other was a draw) and won the UCL Premier League, Clanbase International Ladder and the prestigious Clanbase EuroCup before retiring from playing.

Paul has been a videogame commentator since 2002 and in 2005 went fully professional whilst working for GGL and iTG. He covered numerous major tournaments around the world including World Cyber Games finals (05/06), Electronic Sports World Cup (05/06) and Quakecon (05/06) as well as many other international tournaments in China, Singapore, Australia, North America and all across Europe. In 2007 he moved to set up QuadV. This led to working with blue chip companies such as Intel, Xfire, DirecTV, Sky, Multiplay, Ubisoft, EA and many others helping to provide commentary and presenter services to them.

He has also appeared in many international magazines for gaming in the last 7 years including EDGE, PCZONE, PC Gamer, Chief, Pro Gamer and many others. His TV appearances include work for DirecTV, Sky One, Xleague.TV (Sky), GameplayHD, V-Music Asia, Singapore TV, OnGameNet (Korea), GzTV (Denmark) and many other smaller appearances on national and international news stations. These were all as videogame commentator or gaming personality, including punditry, talk shows and as an expert on the CGS Draft show shot live at the Playboy Mansion.

What others have to say about Paul “ReDeYe” Chaloner

"The worlds best esports commentator and a great ambassador for gaming". Michael O'Dell, CEO Team-Dignitas & GM Birmingham Salvo (World Champions 2008).

"The show proved be a great success thanks to Mr Chaloner's tremendous qualities as a gaming commentator." - Phil Brannelly, Product Manager, Ubisoft.

"He’s been a crowd favourite from the start. A true professional, there’s nobody we’d rather have, pumping up the crowd..." - Craig Fletcher, Managing Director, Multiplay.
Events Attended

2009 i37, Stoneleigh Park, UK.
2009 EA Meet your match finals, Stoneleigh Park, UK.
2009 WCG UK Finals, Coventry, UK.
2009 the eXperience, Roskilde, Denmark.
2009 OOF3, Antwerp, Belgium.
2009 UKeSA Finals, London, UK.
2009 LAN79, Bresouire, France.
2009 The Gadget Show Live, NEC, Birmingham, UK.
2009 i36, Stoneleigh Park, UK.
2009 Frag-o-matic 11, Wieze, Belgium.
2009 ESL Pro Series Finals, London, England.
2008 World Cyber Games Grand Final, Cologne, Germany.
2008 Eurokrieg Final, London, UK.
2008 ESL Masters Montreal, Cologne, Germany.
2008 PCGamer Showdown, Coventry, UK.
2008 GamesNight TV Show, Pulse TV, UK.
2008 WCG UK Final, Stoneleigh, UK.
2008 i34/Mfestival, Stoneleigh, UK.
2008 CGS World Final, Los Angeles, USA.
2008 CGS Latin America Finals, Los Angeles, USA.
2008 CGS UK/EU Finals, Los Angeles, USA.
2008 CGS Pan Asian Final, Los Angeles, USA.
2008 CGS NA Season, Los Angeles, USA.
2008 FIWC TV Show (Road to Berlin) Show 3, London, UK.
2008 CGS UK/EU Draft Show, Birmingham, UK.
2008 CGS UK/EU Combine, Birmingham, UK.
2008 Pulse TV (Forza 2, PGR4), London, UK.
2008 FIWC TV Show (Road to Berlin) Show 2, London, UK.
2008 FIWC TV Show (Road to Berlin), London, UK.
2008 Pulse TV (GoW, H3), London, UK.
2008 i33, Newbury, UK.
2008 CGS NA Draft, SXSW, Austin, USA.
2008 CGS NA Combine, Austin, USA.
2008 Xleague (Tekken5 & COD4), SkyTV, UK.
2008 CPL World Finals, London,UK.
2008 GamesNight, London, UK TV.
2007 CGS World Finals, Los Angeles, USA.
2007 CGS World Individuals, Los Angeles, USA.
2007 Xleague.TV UT3, COD2 & GoW shows, London, UK.
2007 i32, Newbury, UK.
2007 Fuse07 Rock concert, London, UK.
2007 Xleague.TV Motorstorm & DOA4, London, UK.
2007 Xleague.TV Halo3 & Warhawk, London, UK.
2007 CGS UK Finals, Sky TV, London, UK.
2007 CGS EU finals, Birmingham, UK.
2007 CGS UK/EU Qualifier, Birmingham, UK.
2007 xleague.TV Gaming Talk Show, London, UK.
2007 Xleague.TV DOA4 & GOW shows (pundit), London, UK.
2007 Xleague.TV DOA4, FIFA & Cod2 Shows, London, UK.
2007 WCG UK Finals, Newbury, UK.
2007 i31, Newbury, UK.
2007 Asus WGT UK, Newbury, UK.
2007 Xleague.TV DOA4 & Forza2 shows, London, UK.
2007 CGS NA Championships, Los Angeles, USA.
2007 CGS Playboy Mansion Draft, Los Angeles, USA.
2007 CGS NA Combine, Fox Studios, Los Angeles, USA.
2007 CGS NAQ, Los Angeles, USA.
2007 CPC2, Enschede, Holland.
2007 i30, Newbury, UK.
2007 shgOpen, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2006 Fuse 2006, Newbury, UK.
2006 i29 Intel Xtreme Championships, Newbury, UK.
2006 World Cyber Games Finals, Monza, Italy.
2006 Netgamez, Utrecht, Holland.
2006 CB EuroCup XIII Lan Finals, Aarhus, Denmark. (GZTV)
2006 i28 Finals, Newbury, UK.
2006 WCG UK Finals, Newbury, UK.
2006 Quakecon 2006, Dallas, USA.
2006 ClanBase EuroCup XIII (Q4, UT, UT2004).
2006 PrizeFight TV, London, UK. (SkyTV)
2006 ESWC Grand Finals, Paris, France.
2006 CovLAN Q4 Tournament, Coventry, UK.
2006 GameZone Finals, Antwerp, Belgium.
2006 i27 Finals, Newbury, UK.
2006 TransAtlantic Showdown, New York, USA.
2006 PCA Grand Final UT99 TDM
2006 CB OC Final UT99 TDM
2006 SK Gaming King of the Hill Q4.
2006 CB EuroCup XII - Q4, CS:S, UT2004.
2006 ESi VIA UK invite, London, UK.
2005 CIG finals, Shanghai, China.
2005 S3/Via Q4 DreamHack tourney, Sweden.
2005 World Cyber Games finals, Singapore.
2005 GGL Digital Life Finals, New York, USA.
2005 GGL Digital Life Qualifiers (europe)
2005 Tek9 CS:S Cup
2005 ESL Autumn Cup UT
2005 CB EuroCup LAN Finals, Almere, Holland.
2005 i25 LAN 2005
2005 QuakeCon X 2005, Dallas, USA.
2005 CB Nations Cup 8 CS:S
2005 GigaLiga GrandSlam 2005
2005 ESWC Finals, Paris, France.
2005 EuroCup UT2004 iCTF & TDM
2005 EuroCup UT iCTF
2005 OpenCup CS:S
2005 ESL Nations Championship
2004 PC Zone Readers Challenge UT2004 CTF
2004 ECTS for Abit Corp.
2004 EuroCup UT2004 iCTF
2004 EuroCup UT iCTF
2004 Nations Cup UT CTF
2004 Nations Cup UT2004 iCTF
2003 EuroCup UT2003 iCTF
2003 Nations Cup UT2003 iCTF


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