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» with Sweden Insecure
eQuality Gaming 3on3 Cup #1
3on3 UberCup #1
3on3 UberCup #2
ins.XMAS 3on3
ins.Nightcup #1
Clanbase 3v3 Ladder
6on6 UberCup #1

» with Europe Floration
Floration 3on3 Cup #1 3on3 Cup #1

» with Germany one4one eSports
#caesp3r-cup #1
#caesp3r-cup #2
snd 3on3 cup #2
#caesp3r-cup #3
5th Clanbase 2on2

» with Europe aGu
Warleagues Alpha Group C with aGu
Warleagues Alpha with aGu
Clanbase 6v6 Ladder with aGu

» with United Kingdom OVERLOAd
randoms 3on3 cup
GET 2on2 Ladder
GET 3on3 Ladder
GET 6on6 Ladder
ESL 6on6 Germany Ladder
ESL 6on6 Europe Ladder
ESL 3on3 Germany Ladder
ESL 3on3 Europe Ladder
ReVeal 2on2 LugerCup
#Grainted cup
ESL 2on2 Europe Ladder

» with Europe Mixed
#grainted 3on3 cup #5 Sweden bSTURZ
#Replay.Cup #1 Italy eC4
#reLic-cup v3 Europe online-only
#reLic-cup v4 Europe online-only
#reLic-cup Minicup 3 Europe online-only
#reLic-cup Minicup 5 Europe online-only
Euro GL 2on2 Europe online-only
ikone 3v3 cup Europe online-only
1day-cup 6on6 Europe uberMix
Mortal-Gaming Cup Europe online-only
#reLic-cup v2 Europe online-only
#Global][Gaming 3on3 Cup Europe online-only

United Kingdom overload
Belgium vib
Europe one4one
Hungary ovs-gaming
Sweden noll8
United States of America united5

Sweden pesh
Sweden torsk
France mirage
France okko
Belgium my6x
Europe tba

Manager of #TSCHAK-DIE-BOHNE[/img]
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Enemy Territory Stopwatch 2on2 Europe (points: 1.271)
Enemy Territory Stopwatch 3on3 Europe (points: 1.483) + 1 unconfirmed win