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ETQW guid: c618a1362144f21eaa5ac294095ccae1


ET: Quake Wars:

1st Quakecon 07 team-dignitas
1st ET:QW 4on4 Inf. hosted by #czar 07 team-dignitas
3rd Clanbase BETA cup 07 team-dignitas

Battlefield 2:

1st CPL UK 05 team-dignitas
1st 12v12 cup 05 team-dignitas
1st i27 06 team-dignitas
1st Clanbase Eurocup XIV 07 team-dignitas
2nd Danish masters 07 Copenhagen-esport
2nd Pczone readers challenge 05 team-dignitas
2nd TWL Europe Global Crisis 05 team-dignitas
2nd Clanbase Eurocup XII 06 team-dignitas
3rd Clanbase Nationscup IX 06 Denmark
6-8th Worldtournament 06 team-dignitas

Battlefield Vietnam:

1st Pczone readers challenge 05 Player vs Player
1st Nordic Battlefield Vietnam league Div 1 05 Player vs Player 05
2nd ESL BFV 8on8 Winter Cup 07 League of Lamers
5-8th Worldtournament 05 Player vs Player