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¬ [16:14] <Tiny|> Homer is higher then dignitas toghter:)
[16:15] <Apoc-dart`EU> he won 1vs3 and tied 1v6 against them

¬ [14:41] <popz> start playing et like you used to
[14:41] <popz> you will own EC

¬ [19:32] <@lettu> hi homer
[19:32] <@Apoc-Homer`EU> hi :)
[19:32] <@Nizou> hi homer
[19:32] <@Apoc-Homer`EU> hi :)
[19:33] <@lettu> its a bot!

¬ [17:46] <crosby> wou, are u liek browsing axfire 24/7
[17:46] <[141`o]Homer> XD
[17:46] <crosby> I wrote that comment like 30sec ago.

¬ <karrde`> can you copy me the last sentence?:P
<Apoc-Homer`EU> [16:40] <Apoc-Homer`EU> ^^
<karrde`> lol its 16:35

¬ Wrobel: Homer, jak wchodzi na venta, to mam ochote go w dupe ruchac. Jak zaczyna nawijke: siema, siema, to juz wszyscy podnieceni, taki ma sexy glos.

¬[19:44] <@Fasolka> a u ciebie?
[19:44] <@[141`o]Homer> a ja bede startowal do pewnej sexy blonde :P
[19:44] <@[141`o]Homer> podryw na salse :P
[19:45] <Fasolka> ladna?:D
[19:45] <[141`o]Homer> no ba
[19:45] <[141`o]Homer> :>
[19:45] <Fasolka> pewnie ze ladna, ty masz dobry gust:P

¬ Wakizashi on 01/06/08, 23:12:56 PM | Reply
With that English you can't be polish :]

(about internet cafes where i played:)
¬ [16:28] <crtzZ> jeszcze tylko lozko tam wprowadz
[16:29] <Apoc-dart`EU> ja sie juz gubie w jakim Ty kraju jestes ;p

¬ Cryptic: man Homer, ur super speed,are u on drugz?

¬ [*EU*] Dragonmask: Homer with you we can't loose

¬ EU'kENON: Homer talk to me like to a dog 'nice kenon, good kenon';

¬ [*EU*]Ragnar F|R: Homer the true landmine-pussy

¬ re-play`RazZaH: Playing against Homer is like minesweeper

¬ 22:10] <suVi`> ¸hey [CB]Homer
[22:10] <suVi`> guess what
[22:10] <suVi`> caen decider
[22:10] <suVi`> too bad ur et wont work
[22:10] <@[CB]Homer> >D
[22:10] <suVi`> :XDDDDDDDDDDDD
[22:10] <@[CB]Homer> gonna take a revenge for that comment tonight suVi`
[22:10] <suVi`> [CB]Homer
[22:10] <suVi`> u can always check replay

¬ [20:45] <[141`o]Homer> you re from ET team?
[20:45] <`iR|HakkiJr> no I am iR

¬ [23:25] <Fasolka> teraz to sie z wakacji ze mna nie wykrecisz:P

¬ rizza[feria] The other night, my girlfriend and I were having rigorous sex and my penis popped. Have you ever heard of such a thing or know what the hell happened?
h8m3<3Ronner on 18/06/08, 01:03:09 PM | Reply
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¬ [17:01] <eLogic`Dezix> e-Logic recrut good rifle player or medic med/med skill | pm

¬ [21:48] <heyjoe> 3o3 low/- have srv pwn me

¬ [01:29] <znArk`> need 3rd know me or znArk

¬ [20:17] <Aza> need highskilled engi objwhore for 3on3 (doesnt matter if you cheat, as long as youre not banned)

¬ [00:46] <@bubu> Altough i am a bot [CB]KillerBoy has confessed, he has a small penis.
[00:48] <@bubu> tells [CB]KillerBoy , the only difference between your mother and a subway is that not EVERYBODY has ridden a subway.

¬ [13:57] <+zusoul> heey,why is our team deleted from the maplist?!?

¬ [23:30] <@zerender> need the name of that song: "iiiiiiii i wanna mh mh iiiiiiii"

¬ [20:36] <@Priit> yea finland is full of deers like metsuri

¬ 20:59] <@lck> Przychodzi baba do lekarza (medyka), a tam fieldops...

¬ [13:46] * VerZ3x (~Itz_Me_Ro@ip51cf7754.direct-adsl.nl) has joined #vital-gaming.eu
[13:46] <VerZ3x> hello
[13:47] * VerZ3x (~Itz_Me_Ro@ip51cf7754.direct-adsl.nl) has left #vital-gaming.eu

¬ [22:50] <oXide_Kub4w> i sing up my team as Searching For Gaming - S4G` from Poland

¬ [19:58] <@re-play|Eirik`> i was going down a ladder and it was uneven terrain and I stepped on a big rock, slipped and landed on the side of the ancle
[19:58] <@re-play|Eirik`> hurt like hell
[19:59] <@re-play|griim> hell doesnt hurt, he hugs :((

¬ ReQuiem Xeno: btw
ReQuiem Xeno: ive got music on
ReQuiem Xeno: tell ppl at vent i cant hear a thing
CRACKER: (we are the people at vent)

¬ [18:36] <@EU`hOMER> moo?
[18:36] * @]ApoC[Bob mooooooooos at EU`hOMER
[18:36] <+fishbot> To moo, or not to moo, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fish...

¬ [19:22] <prodi> templar kupiles drugi komputer?? zeby byc na 2 serverach naraz i nie tracic zbednego czasu w oczekiwaniu na respawn ? :D

¬ [23:55] <@Lotto> Homer_ started an Acronym-game! Use .ac <answer> (without <>). For 6'000$ : E R G A P Y A D (60s timeout)
[23:55] <@Homer_> .ac gayraped

¬ [18:56] <kaszon>;password fake
[18:56] <kaszon> coming?
[18:56] <Vital|Homer_J> ?
[18:56] <Vital|Homer_J> i m from re-paul
[18:57] <kaszon> yes
[18:57] <kaszon> go on server
[18:57] <Vital|Homer_J> we re playing vs imperox :o
[18:57] <kaszon> yes
[18:57] <kaszon> im from imperox
kaszon is ~kaszon@fhz250.internetdsl.tpnet.pl * kaszon
kaszon on #6on6.et +#wodzionka.cup
kaszon using *.quakenet.org QuakeNet IRC Server
kaszon End of /WHOIS list.

¬ [21:51] <Gwadi> hi
[21:51] Gwadi is ~akromen@093105190022.choszczno.vectranet.pl * Ufol
[21:51] Gwadi on #3on3.et #5on5.et
[21:51] Gwadi using *.quakenet.org QuakeNet IRC Server
[21:51] Gwadi End of /WHOIS list.
[21:52] <Gwadi> serch merc?
[21:52] <[CB]Homer> not interested in ppl I dont know
[21:52] <Gwadi> :( why men
[21:52] <Gwadi> i skiled smg cless

¬ [19:20] <+buggs> przykurwie jakas piateczke !
[19:21] <+NE`Homer> to przybij! hi five

¬ Meaning of life (37 comments)
Posted by Cypher on Friday 13th April 2007, 17:41
What is the meaning of life?

WSK on 13/04/07, 17:47:07 PM | Reply
waiting for respawn.

¬ [*EU*]Homer was blasted by FaMa$>>j@ck3rror's Panzerfaust
[*EU*]Homer: Ok, clear

¬ TEAMKILL: [*EU*]Scran was exploded by [*EU*]Nun's grenade
[*EU*]Scran: omg thats it ur not my friend

¬ [*EU*]Sheep: I don't think you realize who I am
GBU(Kkalju): noob?
GBU(Parm): Cocky noob

¬ [*EU*]sjip: I don't even know I'm in that position and they kill me

¬ [*EU*]Trinity( a girl): They got pussy



ranked 1st @ gamestv.org
ranked 1st @ ET EC
ranked 4th @ UT EC :DD
ranked 7th @ MoHAA EC :DD

Don't Look!!
I said, don't look!!

Sad but true:
ET life



e-mail: euwarmanager1@wp.pl
Msn: euman_85@hotmail.com
Xfire: rockhomer
IRC: #euclan #homer.pl #evu.cup



Europe ranked 3rd on ET 6on6 Stopwatch Europe Ladder (120 wins \o/)
Poland ranked 5th on ET 6on6 Stopwatch Polish Ladder
United Kingdom ranked 5th on ET 6on6 Stopwatch UK Ladder
Europe ranked 5th on ET 5on5 Stopwatch Ladder
Europe ranked 19th on ET 3on3 Stopwatch Europe Ladder

Clanbase OpenCup Spring 2009, 2nd league
sndcup 3on3
#increased 6v6 Night Cup v1
ET SW 6v6 OpenCup Spring 2008 Premier League [ as Europe one4one manager ]
Boulards Cup 2 edition 6on6 [ with France ViVa ]
Clanbase OpenCup Spring 2010, 2nd league
DOOPPI 5o5 cup, season 8
zOMG cup v1 [ with Europe Team Alarm ]
Increased Pistol Cup #1
wHINE 3o3 Cup
BigBeats.Live 6o6
ESL Major Series II [ as Europe re-play SleeperZ manager ]
EC XVIII Groupstage [ as Europe re-play SleeperZ manager ]
EC XVIII Groupstage [ as Europe Jacks manager ]
1/8 Warleagues ET Season X
1/8 ET 6on6 OpenCup Fall 2008 5th league [ with United Kingdom tyrant ]
1/8 ET 3on3 OpenCup Fall 2008 5th league [ with United Kingdom tyrant ]
1/8 ET 6on6 OpenCup Fall 2008 2nd league
1/8 ET SW 5on5 Summer Cup 2008 2nd league ( group H )
3rd place at group stage ET 6v6 OpenCup Fall 2007 2nd league
3rd place at group stage ET 3on3 OpenCup Fall 2007 2nd league
3rd place at group stage ET 6v6 OpenCup Spring 2007 3rd league
3rd place at group stage ET 3on3 OpenCup Spring 2007 2nd league
1/4 playoffs ET 6on6 OpenCup Fall 2006 3rd league
4th place at group stage ET 3on3 OpenCup Fall 2006 2nd league
1/8 ET 6v6 OpenCup Spring 2006 4th league ( group G )
1/4 ET 6on6 hosted cup -2006- 4th league

If not mentioned, achieved with [*EU*]



¬ 1. Clanleader of [*EU*] United Soldiers of Europe

Currently inactive

Poland [*EU*] Homer - Team Captain, SMG Engineer
France [*EU*] Ali - Medic
France [*EU*] Serial - Medic
United Kingdom [*EU*] Gamboo - Allrounder
Scotland [*EU*] Scran - Field Ops
Sweden [*EU*] Gillis - Rifle

Austria [*EU*] p3RF - Allrounder
Denmark [*EU*] /<id!3oy - Medic
Portugal [*EU*] kAPEL - Medic

Hf @ reading + perform #euclan thx =)

¬ 2. Manager of Sleeperz

Currently inactive

¬ 3. Manager of ~devilry

Currently inactive


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image: eu1dt9 [*EU*] , EU'; ,Qla6-EU';, Apoc-EU'; , mG^EU' #idem, r@g, WinFakt! full members in history:

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Germany HellKn1ght- for creating EU flag <3
Germany snew- for creating logo for my sport forum
Netherlands ins - for sending me a couple of songs
Belgium al7- for being roflcopter :DDDD
Latvia eXodus- for stopping my pub screwing without clantag lol
Italy BBoy- for /playdead :D
Germany Duke'Em - for the quickest recruitment @ EU trial history :)
Germany Vito Corleone- for "Homer, You can play better"
Poland Fasolka - for having the most funny quote ever: "(Fasolka) loloo smth wrrong is with my hard dick:D"
Romania Trinity- for having the most sexy ass from all ET players <3
Estonia Priit- for singing O-Zone- Dragostea Din Tei for me on ts :D
Germany ?SAP- for trickjumping with me
Germany WSK- for organizing #evu.cup with me
Scotland Scran - for "Oh My Fucking God, Homer!", "Jesus Christ Homer!" and lots of other
England Nunners- for calling Scran while he was @ toilet :DD
Netherlands KoRaL- for BNC
Poland PoNtOn- for random mixes
Poland Sokl - for my 3v3 experience
Poland Pen7el- for being my biggest fanboi :D
Poland Dmitri- for irl ET players meeting in Torun
Greece Immortal - for 'sexy profile tbh :D'
Austria p3RF- for [*EU*] fragmovie intro
Sweden Gillis- for singing & playing guitar @ ts for me
Austria Cryptic - for sending me some RATM songs :)
Netherlands Shady- for applying as 17 year old player to [*EU*] :D
Germany Ragnar- for everything
Germany ilL, Switzerland Anubis, Croatia rimi, members of Sweden Team-Wolverines, Germany Legends of Wolfenstein, Europe c|ET - for playing @ [*EU*] public
members of Germany Sic Knights- for absolutely best clanwar ever


The most underrated..
Player who got the most wins in clanbase 6on6 ladders =)
Never lost by forfeit
Crossfire Community Member of the Year 2009