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In Flames Tilburg 09-10- 2008

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Nick:[/i] ZAAAK
QL; 1on1 Duel CB div 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20,203 Frags (3-5-2010)

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Nick:[/i] ZAAAK- ///[/i] JALLAAAAAA ///[/i] C.C.

9th-dimension 1vs1 Cup v1

Benelux fayntic - saken&ZaK- ESL 2on2 Riflecup #2
Benelux fayntic - saken&ZaK- 2on2 RifleCup #1
Benelux Purefragging - ESL 2on2 Spring League 1st Div 2009
Europe ESL 2on2 League Summer 2009 Division 1 2009
Benelux fayntic - saken&ZaK- #reveal.et 2on2 RifleCup #2

Europe ictus #CwG.et 3on3 Cup v21#reveal.et
Japan EDRAMA - Vendetta 3on3 Cup
Benelux Purefragging - League Of Tyrants 3v3 cup v4
Japan EDRAMA - Sp_delivery_te only cup v8
Europe System6MIX - sIN.Gaming Pistol 3o3 v.1
Japan EDRAMA - Super3on3Nightcup! Final against "clean" players!! :XDDD
Benelux Purefragging ESL 3on3 Winter League 2010 - Division 2
Benelux Purefragging ESL League Winter 2008 3on3 2nd Division
Japan EDRAMA - ESL 3on3 Spring League 1st Div
Japan EDRAMA Freshcore 3v3 Night Cup #2
Japan EDRAMA charism 3on3 cup v.3
Japan EDRAMA 3on3 Nightly cup #1
Benelux Purefragging ESL 3on3 Sunshine Cup #3 :DDD

Netherlands OVERLOAd - E-Series LAN 2011
Benelux Purefragging - Summercup 5v5 2008 Second League
Estonia nOu way! - ESL Major Series IV
Estonia faith.ET - Freshcore Cup #18?
Europe idk - Team Dignitas 5on5 cup
Europe idk - ESL Major Series VI

Netherlands OVERLOAd - ESL 6on6 Spring Cup 2012 - Cup #1
Germany ENLARGED LAN 2007 ET6vs6
Anonymous TAG - CB Summer Cup 1st div :||||||
France gZcon - #e0h.et 6on6 cup
Poland Authentic-Gaming - Death4All 6on6 Cup
Anonymous TAG - randomZ Cup #1 (6vs6)
Anonymous TAG - randomZ Cup #2 (6vs6)
Anonymous TAG - High Voltage 6v6 Cup v4
Germany ENLARGED LAN 2008 ET6vs6
Europe one4one ESL Major Series III

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GermanyENLARGED LAN 2008 ET:QW6vs6
GermanyENLARGED LAN 2007 ET:QW6vs6

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EuropeHello First Wolfenstein cup 5vs5 !

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LANs competed in:[/i]
NetherlandsCDC3 with NetherlandsHARDGAMING.ET
NetherlandsCDC4 with GermanyGaB.ETQW
NetherlandsCC5 with EuropeRe-Play SleeperzZz.ET
GermanyEnlarged 2007 with GermanyOMFGNINJAFANTARDS.ET/ETQW
GermanyEnlarged 2008 with Germanyxoxo.ET/ETQW
NetherlandsCiC7 2010 with EstonianOu!

Played the CCDT #2 with:
NetherlandsJALLAAAAAA Cpt. Engineer Rifle
Germanyzadd Co Cpt. Medic
United Kingdomjam Medic
Romaniagarf Medic
CanadaBrisk Engineer smg
PolandYoddha Multiclass
GermanyFendah Multiclass

[heliu] hi
[heliu] server crak
[heliu] server is crak
[EDRAMACC] you are on crack?
[heliu] ye
[heliu]my coiusin
[heliu] 4v4 crak
[EDRAMACC] wat crak
[heliu] your server]
[heliu] ?
[heliu] is craked or no
[EDRAMACC] your school is obviously on crack
[heliu] craaaaaaaaaked
[heliu] server
[heliu] is original
[heliu] or crakes
[heliu] craked]
[EDRAMACC] cakes?!
[heliu] craked\
[heliu] omfg
[heliu] nooob\]
[EDRAMACC] you want cake?!
[EDRAMACC]or you want crack?!
[heliu] infg
[heliu] craked
[heliu] crak
[EDRAMACC] infg?
[EDRAMACC] is crack?
[EDRAMACC] sure?
[heliu] seerver
[EDRAMACC] your server on crack?
[heliu] do u know what i s a server
[heliu] bb nnoobmohxi


CPUIntel Core2Duo E8400 @3.6
MotherboardAsus 775 Striker II Formula S/R/2xGBL
Memory4096MB DDRII/800 Kingston HX CF KIT
Storage750GB Samsung HD753LJ 32/S
GraphicsNVidia 8800GTS 512 SLI (2x)
SoundASUS Xonar DX @ 24bit 192000 (Hz)
Operating SystemWindows 7 Ultimate
MonitorPackerd Bell TFT 21,5" fullHD
KeyboardLogitech G11 Blue > Red
MouseRazer Deathadder
MousepadRazer Goliathus
HeadsetSNheiser HD465/SNheiser HD485/Steelseries 5Hv2
Connection?: Singleplayer only...