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My panda is never sad :>
I have also smart giraffe xD
and Gull with polishroots :D
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(Jola) q auth fasolcia cipcipka
(Jola) q TheQBot@CServe auth fasolcia cipcipka
(@u8|cwrd) Jolaaaaaaaaaa :/
(Jola) haha
(Jola) amsg or msg
(Jola) who cares:D
(@sparks) :DDDDD
(@Roach`) Fasolka :(

(@Fasolka) ··¤(`×[¤ Fasolki - Kolorowe Kredki ¤ 00:56 ¤ 160kbps ¤]×´)¤··
(@Fasolka) !!!!!!!!!!!
(@Fasolka) kolorowe kredki
(@Fasolka) w pudeleczku nosze
(@Fasolka) :D
(@Fasolka) tralalala
(@Fasolka) jeny
(@Fasolka) zastrzelcie mnie
(@Fasolka) :(

(Fasolka) back:P
(Fasolka) loloo smth wrrong is with my hard dick:D
(Tlr|dAv1d) loloo smth wrrong is with my hard dick:D
(Tlr|dAv1d) =)))))))))))))))))))))))))
(Fasolka) what?:P
(Fasolka) really i have some bad sectors:D
(Fasolka) need new one:P
(Fasolka) hahahhahahaha
(Fasolka) lol
(Tlr|dAv1d) my hard dick:D!
(Fasolka) now i see
(Fasolka) hahahhaha
(Fasolka) loooooooool
(Fasolka) :D
(Tlr|dAv1d) =))))
(Fasolka) i mean smth wrrong is with my hard disck:D

(@Jola) Don't worry:D
(@Jola) i am really hard;)
(@`Lith) :)
(@cdap|cwrd) :P
(@cdap|cwrd) which part of you is really hard oO? ;D

(@Fasolka) i don't wanna watch!
(@cdap|cwrd) im watching
(@cdap|cwrd) match
(@`Lith) close ur ice then
(@`Lith) :D
(@cdap|cwrd) ice? :D
(@Fasolka) ice?
(@cdap|cwrd) :D:ddddddddddd

(@Qbs`) ej kurwa monitor mi piszczy
(@Qbs`) :C
(@Qbs`) WTF ?
(@marcu) moze glodny jest :?

(+Qbs`) kurwa wczoraj w robocie mialem akcje
(+Qbs`) myslalem ze pierdolne ze smiechu
(@docent`) ?? :>
(+Qbs`) xDDDDDDD
(+Qbs`) haha
(+Qbs`) nie bylo co robic to zamowilem se frytki i jem sobie i patrze na parkiet
(+Qbs`) xD
(+Qbs`) i jedna podchodzi i gada smacznego
(+Qbs`) xD
(@docent`) lol
(+Qbs`) no to ja na to dziekuje xD , moze chcesz sie poczestowac ...
(+Qbs`) no i nvm ...
(+Qbs`) gadka gadka
(+Qbs`) jakies 5 -7 min mija
(+Qbs`) xD
(+Qbs`) podchodzi jakis najebany koles
(+Qbs`) xDD
(+Qbs`) i taki tekst do niej " kurwaaaaA, 5 min mnie nie ma a ty sie juz puszczasz ... " xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
(+Qbs`) buahahaha
(@docent`) :o
(@docent`) hehehehehe
(@docent`) :D
(+Qbs`) myslalem ze piedolne
(+Qbs`) xDDDDDDD
(@docent`) o lol
(@docent`) xD
(+Qbs`) haha a ja do niego " stary wez kup kobiecie cos do jedzienia bo mi frytki wyrzera " xDi czesc xD

(@Fasolka) a ja faceta splawilam:D
(+Qbs`) ale kot focha wali ?
(+Qbs`) bo sie pogubilem ?
(@Fasolka) kot?
(@docent`) mysz
(+Qbs`) kto
(+Qbs`) sry
(+Qbs`) 6 piw ...
(@Fasolka) kot pije mleko
(+Qbs`) :X
(@Fasolka) a Docent walnal focha
(@docent`) a mysz je ser
(+Qbs`) a kuba wszytko co ma %%%%%%%%%

(@idle^teKoa) Jak sie masz?
(@Pr3dS|Ania) :)
(@Pr3dS|Ania) dobrze
(@idle^teKoa) nice
(@Pr3dS|Ania) <good>
(@idle^teKoa) I know :p
(@Pr3dS|Ania) :)
(@idle^teKoa) Czuje sie jak zlamany kutas
(@Pr3dS|Ania) :)
(@Pr3dS|Ania) hahaahah
(@idle^teKoa) o.O
(@idle^teKoa) :p
(@Pr3dS|Ania) who learnt you that??
(@idle^teKoa) your boyfriend

Fasolka sends: ble ble lbe
Fasolka says (02:45):
check how long it will be download it;)
my msn transfer is so slow:(
Theodor says (02:45):
haha omg
polish try to send to israel XD
we both laggg
Fasolka says (02:45):

Theodor says (02:59):
as i said i have a rly nice bomb shalter :~>

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I am:

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hug addict <3 wanna one? xD

image: dog_getting_a_laugh
laugh addict <3

Some peaople are important for me...
Germany Flo <3
GermanyBasti LOlatshc WtF ROFL thats super german <3 (noob xD)
smth more... (uNiqz) my name is dr amaisenbar basti!
United KingdomRahul my best curry-eating friend xD chocobear for teh win! xD
Germany Sascha crazy boy with beautiful name xD <3
Sweden Idus for being my ubeer friend! She is great<3
Israel Theo ( for the rest ppl Cohen :P) for being my fav jew:) Thank u for all support i got form u, for words, for everything. Btw. he has even worst connection than me, rly nice bomb shatler with big bed and a new uber TIGER PC xD!
Poland Zwitterka he is better than Don Juan! Jasinek =)
England Sheepieee for being most happy person of whole world! Owieczka :)))))
Germany Saskia for being the first who replying for my post's =)
Belgium Anilek I love your buziatzki!!! Greeting from Bodzio too:P
Poland Pawel for every single moment which spend together:)
Poland Kamil for every good word's from you. Dziekuje za pomoc, za bycie na dobre i zle, za przyjaciela jakim jestes:)

wanna laugh? Check xD
omg quake <3

picture's klick!

smth sad klick meh!
smth grrrr klick meh!
smth with soul klick me
smth latino? xD klick meh!
smth about heart klick meh!
smth with Xavier <3 klick meh!
smth polish ;) klick meh!
smth calm klick meh!
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smth with a cat! <333333 plZ klick meh!

and smth for Uniqz :P u have to klick meh for shoe![/hide]

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kot on 30/06/07, 04:13:12
I hope that you'll get banned some day.

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niedobra kicia :> image: clipart_animals_cats_005

Be proud of being a human...

and: image: clipart_animals_dogs_039

xRio was here! <--- he he i love this guy xD

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I wanna play a game :>


Still here :)
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