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RtCW Clan History
EuropeReality v.1 2005
Netherlands SeN (c)
Netherlands LynX
Netherlands Dr1v3r
United Kingdom KnuX
United Kingdom Kn!ght
United Kingdom Requiem
United Kingdom SkiTz
United Kingdom smeg
United Kingdom V!cky
Wales m4ss
Switzerland sCr

BeneluxThe Haunted 2005
NetherlandsSeN (c)
Netherlands JimmY
Belgium apEx (c)
Belgium Ziff
Belgium C3V3R
Belgium l4mp

EuropeFallanx 2006
Netherlands SeN
Netherlands LynX
Netherlands bully
Sweden Hewra
Sweden Kartsa
France maxuh
France momo
Germany fro (c)
United Kingdom Req.
Poland JC

EuropeReality v.2 2007
Netherlands SeN (c)
Netherlands LynX
Netherlands KyLie
Netherlands a4p
Netherlands Steelo
Netherlands yulaw
Switzerland sCr
Scotland JinX

United Kingdom118 2008-2010
United Kingdom MerlinatoR
United Kingdom crmbs
United Kingdom chrns
United Kingdom sharky
United Kingdom dusty
United Kingdom Necrostix
Netherlands SeN
Netherlands 2d
Netherlands juncie
Austria def
Latvia Clown
Scotland conker
Sweden Askungen

Europe STC 2003-2005 (v1.33)
Europe FR@G 2005
EuropeeXcellence 2006
United Kingdom Imora 2007
Europe sna 2007

ET Clan History
United KingdomC42

Netherlands SeN (c)
Netherlands RezTa
Netherlands eager
Belgium apEx
Belgium dev
Belgium Ziff
Belgium Communist
Switzerland dale
United Kingdom knux

BeneluxFIF Yellow


Warleagues RtCW S X Charlie II With Reality
Warleagues RtCW S XI Bravo with Reality
Warleagues RtCW S XIV? Delta with Imora
RtCW-Cup II 6o6 with 118
Coldfire RtCW 1.0 3o3 cup with Eclips
Coldfire RtCW 3o3 cup with 118
Late Xmas RtCW cup with 118
CC6 RtCW with 118
RtCW-Cup III 6o6 with 118
Early Xmas RtCW cup with 118