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(23:00:12) (@Gr3ma) having a big dick is like a being a manager of tlr - it sounds cool, but it gives you only problems


3on3 OC premier with Estonia ayuasgxhiuagz ( Luda, euruz, infect )


Zero Emapthy
Estonia Infect
Estonia LudA
Estonia Trey
Estonia Bitbeast
Estonia Bpr
Estonia Scyter
Estonia Ince


Russia Jago
Russia Joke
Estonia Infect
Estonia LudA
Finland Rizla
Germany cooles

40 to 1

»Poland Jadol
»Finland "sandi"
»Estonia "m2r7"
»Italy "Adr"
»Finland "Sirkka"
»Estonia "Infect"

Estonia Infect
Poland westi
Poland Ska
Belgium Jimini
Poland Jadol
Belgium Poepj
France Straf

Goes to Hollywood

Estonia Infect
Belgium collector
Belgium Blitz
Germany oGr
Belgium Ganon
England h20xygen


Estonia Infect
Estonia Bitbeast
Hungary Adze
Netherlands Trgt
Netherlands eager
Estonia Flash
Germany Reaz
Netherlands Roxah
Belgium Jimini


Germany uniQue&haZer ( ex: GMPO )
Netherlands uniQue&axel( ex: pstarZ )
EstoniauniQue&Infect ( ex: dev )
Germany uniQue&roYal ( ex: Sprd )
Netherlands uniQue&twinzzy ( ex: pstarZ )
Finland uniQue&decem( ex: stfu )

France mess1e(CL)
France Craz
Belgium xAv
France Danii
Estonia infect
France viZz


Estonia infect ( CL )
Estonia LudA
Estonia slAsh
Netherlands HayA
Finland Cartek
Israel Slyder
Netherlands semtex


France Bruce
France Keeji
France Sinus
Estonia Infect
Poland Bodzio
Finland fanta
Belgium sick
Eritrea beNy
Belgium nunca
Belgium lio

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2008 Crossfire Contributors awards:

News comments: 8. infect Total: 247 Daily: 1.36
Journal comments : 79. infect Total: 762 Daily: 4.19
Forum comments : 19. infect Total: 671 Daily: 3.69

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Played twice OC premium.
Quallified to cdc4 with uniQue


got bnc from Belgium vib|rZu
Some soulfighetrs cup
Some random 3o3 cup.
iKs.et 3on3 cup
#2 edition of et-AoW cup against Auth 4-2
HKHK Lanparty with Estoniar3ne & Estonia mant
SCW 2on2 cup v2 with Estonia LudA lost vs 1 month old guid cheater
SCW 6on6 Bonuscup with Estonia Glitz