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Current team:

Not an ET one ;)
CoD4 > ET!!!

Cless... or am I? :)
Waiting for another lan
Won't refuse a good offer :)

Previous teams:
irc: #blurred-vision
Poland naga[/b]
Poland krein
Poland edain
Poland dialer
Poland Frag`Stealer
Poland numeric

irc: #blurred-vision
Poland naga[/b]
Poland krein
Poland edain
Poland ufol
Netherlands aphesia
Netherlands BuLL

irc: #Authentic-Gaming
Poland michalek[/b]
Poland naga
Poland krein
Poland diAler
Poland zMk
Hungary phobeus
Poland Esclaw

Europe blutSTURZ/dtekt eSports]
irc: #bSTURZ
Netherlands aphesia[/b]
Poland diAler
Poland Krein
Sweden Fuchs
Hungary seNti

Sweden uniX
Hungary Future
Belgium xAv
Hungary phobeus

Europe Auxilia]
irc: #Auxilia
Russia hummel[/b]
Finland Spirea
Finland Sanda
Finland jjameson
Poland Krein
Anonymous fireball

Croatia elite]
irc: #elite.clan[/b]
Croatia frozz
Finland _Matias
Finland KENTSU
Austria day
Austria sick
Poland Krein
Hungary CS4f1
Hungary Future
Israel sensy
Latvia dunno

Poland Logitech UVM/Delta]
irc: #uvm
Poland Krein[/b]
Poland dialer
Poland LoCkheed
Poland doktor
Poland Tasslehoff
Poland B4ndit
Poland sOme
Poland NoOne

Europe filmriss]
irc: #filmriss
Poland Krein[/b]
Poland dialer
Austria sick
Austria xet`
Austria Kan0wne
Austria n3co
Finland _Matias
Estonia reload
Portugal QkR
Portugal s3tup

Need some n1 mangas to read. Don't hesitate to msg me here with titles ;)

image: eslr


ET 6v6 OpenCup Spring 2006 with Poland uAznia team
ET 6v6 HostedCup 2006 with Poland uAznia team
Lan Party Slask 2006 ET 3on3 with Poland UVM Logitech
Lan Party Slask 2006 ET 5on5 with Poland UVM Logitech
Lan Party Slask 2006 ET 1on1
1day-cup v4 with Europe filmriss
1day-cup v5 with Europe filmriss
#5 3v3 Funcup with Europe tears (Reload, sick, krein)
#20 ET-Cup (invite only) with Croatia elite
ClanBase OpenCup Fall Season 2006 Premier League with Croatia elite
sndcup6v6 with Europe dtekt.mix
ClanBase OpenCup Spring Season 2007 Premier League with Europe bSTURZ
1day SND-Cup with Europe bSTURZ
Eurocup XVI playoffs with Europe bSTURZ
Polish Et Cup with Poland Authentic.Gaming
ET-Cup #31 with Poland Authentic.Gaming
ESL New Year Cup with Poland Authentic.Gaming
5/6th Crossfire Challenge 5 with Poland PolagZ
Crossfire Intel Challenge 7 with Poland toMakeoddseven

Clanbase Nations Cup 2012 with Poland Team Poland

and many more I can't be arsed to put up here
CPUAMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5600+
Memory2GB Geil
GraphicsHD ATI Radeon 2600 XT
SoundSteelsound 5H v2
Monitor17' unknown
MouseLogitech G5
MousepadSteelpad 5L
HeadsetCreative Fatal1ty
Connectionhopefully better now