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United Kingdom cfx\ArtstAr: ur real name is jammi or something right
United Kingdom cfx\ArtstAr: ?:d


Poland stexx`: flashdown have aimbot
Poland stexx`: :>


Poland kAwS: questino does doing official hurt us in any way?


Poland wAltroo: lets go 1v1 slac
Poland wAltroo: wanna see ur skilldrop


Finland flashdown: you bought hax lol
Belgium hface`xkl: yes and where is the prob?


Estonia mexico'imo: random hs only monster


France StrAfzz: whatever thnaks for the cup,but the orange boy was obvious and no name :]


Finland JeBu: nothing is better than taking a shit and shooting some headshots


Estonia Nugis: just better than reload and lettu np4him


Poland promen: he got obivious wh
Poland promen: how many headshots from nade?
Poland promen: ;x


Finland KAptenski: ollaan pelattu reloadia/jakaa/chmpp/lettua vs ja ei ne pistä niin kovaa tai tiedä yht paljoa


Spain Benji_: flashdown manage to win against real cheater, its amazing ! well played dud :D[/hide]


Carnifex.et 5v5]

United Kingdom ArtstAr (c)
Finland flashdown
Finland maza
Iceland phyzic
Iceland rNz[/hide]

Big Booty Bitches 3v3]

image: 56

Anonymous Pimp-a-Lot
Anonymous niggershemale
Anonymous faranlegaLJOTUR

Anonymous UnCutDraGon[/hide]

xZist 3v3]

United Kingdom ArtstAr (c)
Finland flashdown
Finland devix

Iceland rNz[/hide]

3atw 3v3]

Finland flashdown
United Kingdom razz
United Kingdom Jinosta
Germany znArk

Netherlands NoHead
Iceland rNz[/hide]


oLe!-TeaM 2010]

Spain sHev (c)
Spain theS
Spain Buta!
Finland flashdown
Sweden Millan

Spain yAkuzA
Spain polass [/hide]

eNvy v2 2009]

Finland flashdown
Finland JeBu
Finland kolibri
Netherlands ParRa
Germany LeAN

Portugal SaeBa
Finland rame

eNvy v1 2008]

Finland flashdown
Finland rame (c)
Finland Bams
Finland Juga
Finland Zusoul
Finland hasta
Finland numbe

Team Kuuba 2007]

Finland Es- (c)
Finland Deuger
Finland Phoenix
Finland m4kkara
Finland d0t
Finland Aavikko

Polonium-210 2006]

Finland Deuger (c)
Finland Wilzu

Eduskunta.et 2006]

Finland EduskuntaMannerheim (c)
Finland EduskuntaVanhanen
Finland EduskuntaKaariaine
Finland EduskuntaNiinisto
Finland EduskuntaSoini
Finland EduskuntaStalin

FNC.et 2004]

Finland Mki (c)
Finland tIpPa
Finland p0nttinen

Village of the DamNed 2004]

Finland Goon1942 (c)
Finland tIpPa
Finland peruspelaaja
Finland SirAnkka-
Finland Eye-Ball
Finland dead or alive

..and others



EVU 5on5 Fallcup 2010 4th division
ESL 3on3 Spring League 2010 2nd division
CB 3on3 Summercup 2010 Premier
CB 5on5 Summercup 2010 4th division
CB 3on3 OpenCup Spring 2010 3rd division

One-Day Cups:
#zero.E 3on3 cup v.13
shidima 3on3 cup #2
#zero.E 3on3 Cup v.26
SkyRocket One Day Cup v6
Team-Result One Day Cup #1
Myrmidons One Day Cup 3v3 cup v3
Coldfire 8teams1cup v8
fake69 3v3 oneday cup v2
mySTEEL Knife Cup Season 5
Shidima #2 3v3 One Day Cup
#zero.E 3on3 cup v.13
Invictus AERO 5on5 cup #1
uNdpr 3on3 cup
uNdpr cup 3on3
Fastum 3on3 Pistol Cup
fake69 pistol 3v3 cup v.1
ORDER-Cup 5on5
Had cybersex with Germany LeaN
killing-spree of 26 kills in OC war (map ended) ;o

attended Assembly LAN 2007 (winter)
attended Assembly LAN 2007
attended Assembly LAN 2008
attended Assembly LAN 2009
attended Assembly LAN 2010
MotherboardAsus M2N-SLI Deluxe
StorageSeagate 250 Gt, Seagate 1000 Gt
GraphicsAti Radeon HD4850
Operating SystemWindows XP
MonitorLG L246WH-BN 24" & HITACHI CM751ET 19"
KeyboardLogitech Ultra-Flat
MouseLogitech MX518
MousepadUlti-Mat Breathe x4
HeadsetBeyerdynamic DTX-900
Connection8 Mbit