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piffpaff 3 HS you died. :-(

Germany butchji: das war nicht schlecht vom piffpaff!

Germany butchji: not so obvious!

Finland decem: ofc, i know junky, but just because he is a cheater.

Sweden alexL: Junky owns? Hmm? Yes!

Sweden alexL: nice wallhack mate

Austria xet: cu@xfire piffpaff

India hype: cu@crossfire

Poland Kenta: LOL saNta n1 wh.

Sweden savage: i will never be a fanboy of a yerman!

Finland twidi: btw upload demos afterwards

Finland cRod: even if you made it to Eurocup, they wouldn't let you play it, and even if they would, you would have got busted in the middle of playing it anyway.

Germany fattoNy: santa > raveneye

Germany fattoNy: only wanna warn u guys outside:
raveneye (who played with impact) is like med- compared to santa. santa plays more "intelligent", deals more damage and has more frags, k?

Austria Silentunderscore: santaeye plz and fjaellraveneye > all

Europe tuz0: sAnta pWnZ ya :>

Europe Randoms: We played em last week in a prac as well. Some of them are total nubs and then this santa and mzzl just give you massive fire from the most impossible positions

Poland Kenta: saNta = junky

Germany Soprano: haste ts an die arbeit?