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Current status: Playing for:

Europe ET All stars 2014

France An7ho (c)
France emorej
France kartez
Portugal setup
Slovenia verunA
Israel destiny
Italy vj7o
Italy mama

United Kingdomencrypt

Slovenia m1ke (c)
Slovenia immoo
Slovenia verunA
United Kingdom gnome
United Kingdom hvk
Sweden cupcake

CB ET EuroCup XXVII - quali
OC premier- Group C


Slovenia m1ke (c)
Slovenia immoo
Slovenia verunA
Slovenia aniky
Slovenia sLyzz
Slovenia squaze
Slovenia aristo

CB ET NationsCup XVI - group stage

Last teams ->

Sweden Fuchs (C)
Germany Specula
Finland swani
Finland vokki
Slovenia sLyzz
Slovenia verunA

6on6 #et.tourney II - 1st Division finished
ET SW 6on6 Summer 2012 International Premier div
Evolution Challenge 6on6
6on6 ESL premier div 2012


Germany mKs
Germany Scatman
Poland cymky
Slovenia verunA
Belgium eden
Norway snuble
Netherlands hybratek

Clanbase EuroCup XXV
Playing: Enemy Territory League Winter 2011 6on6 Div 1
JeeSports Qualification #2
#et.tourney 6on6 - #et.tourney 3rd Division

NC team:

Slovenia Team Slovenia

Slovenia m1ke (c) the boss
Slovenia carniee the ownator
Slovenia verunA best 2k9 aimer
Slovenia squaze the jebac
Slovenia searal the anela pajic
Slovenia slyz fanboi :)

Played: CB NationsCup XV

Netherlands intense-eSports

Netherlands Efax (c)
Netherlands ov!e
Netherlands rixz
Netherlands shaky
Netherlands motif
Belgium player
Slovenia verunA
Sweden / Denmark Pepper
France smirzz

Played: Ladder: ET SW 6on6 OpenCup Fall 2011 - OC premier group D
ET SW 3on3 OpenCup Fall 2011 - OC 2nd div group C

Best summer team :)

Europe SuperMix

lots of players :)!!


Spain delinquentes aka aNimus.gaming<3

Spain magico
Slovenia verunA
Netherlands testii
Finland Miluu
Austria DonMatthias

Spain Zwei
Finland Karii

Slovenia Team Slovenia NC XIV

Slovenia m1ke (c)
Slovenia verunA
Slovenia rezon
Slovenia meth
Slovenia aniky

Slovenia m1r53

More and more
ET EuroCup XXVII with encrypt
EuroCup XXV with myserious
EuroCup quali XVI with invictus
EuroCup XII with Team AngelDust
6x ESL ESL Major Series EMS ( III , IV , V , new one VI ) Qualifier
CB ET OpenCup 6v6 Spring 2006 , 2007
CB ET OpenCup 6v6 Fall 2005
7x OpenCup Premier League (6on6)
3x OpenCup Premier League play-offs (6on6)
3x OpenCup Second division (6on6)
7x OpenCup Premier League (3on3)
4x OpenCup Premier League play-offs (3on3)
2x OpenCup Second division (3on3)
2x Worldcup finished 7/8th with Team Slovenia
1x ETMasters 1st division qualifier
1x WC ( winter cup ) second div. group B
5x CB summercup premier division
2x CB summercup second division
3x Warleagues Season Premier League Alpha ( IX , X , XI )
2x Warleagues Season Premier League Bravo ( VIII , XII )
2x Warleagues WinnersCup ( VI , VII )
3x ESL summercup group alpha
2x ESL summercup group beta
3x ESL Premier division ( group alpha , beta )
3rd Enemy Territory Stopwatch (6on6) ladder ( atm 7th at this ladder )
Enemy Territory Stopwatch (3on3) Benelux ladder with onlyone
2x 4th , 2x 5th , 1x 3rd Enemy Territoy Stopwatch (3on3) ladder (atm 20th - not playing anymore )
3x Invite 6v6 #ET-Cup Group A,B
2x #ET-Cup #11 Alpha division 1
1x Israel National Championship with nubsWithin
1x Winter cup Second League group B

Special award:
best aimer in slovenia 2009/2010
best aimer in slovenia 2008/2009
best aimer in slovenia 2007/2008

Germany roYality-gaming - randomZ

Germany mental
Slovenia verunA
United Kingdom Toker
Spain c!d
Spain flat

Old Squad
Denmark xcon
United Kingdom eVo
Netherlands hybratek
Netherlands ipson
Belgium jimini
Belgium vila
Germany mental
United Kingdom williams
Slovenia verunA
United Kingdom eVo
Ireland revee
Netherlands hybratek
Japan Miruku

Played: ESL premier semi-finals group A semi-finals winner bracket, OC premier group A played for 1st place in this group , ET 6on6 ESL Major Series V Qualifier #1 , OC premier spring 2010 group B , ET 5on5 League Spring 2010 Division 1 finish 5th , ET 5on5 League Spring 2010 Play Offs Division 1 finish 4th

United Kingdom
Germany violy
Germany PALADiNO
Germany ph6xy
Germany tuz0
Germany pSiquh
Slovenia vERuNa
Poland uf0lje
Poland kvazz
Estonia EmeRicA
Turkey FATiH
Austria silenty

Europe-@- Europe
Germany [*EU*] Ss-A-P
United Kingdom [*EU*] stKz
Germany [*EU*] caTchEr
Germany [*EU*] Fatalstrike
Germany [*EU*] Sts
Slovenia [*EU*] verunA
Japan [*EU*] Kirark
Finland [*EU*] Quiki
Poland [*EU*] Homer_ <3
Estonia [*EU*] ratgot

Norway mod|mo00mi (c) - (manager and clan admin )
Sweden mod|rosa
Sweden mod|e-devil
Finland mod|ajaK
Estonia mod|andy
Netherlands mod|eddo
Belgium mod|foxje
Poland mod|harry
Poland mod|palemki
Slovenia mod|verunA

Europe #angeldust /
Slovenia AngelDust//verunA
Germany AngelDust//Scatman
Germany AngelDust// sabio
Estonia AngelDust//coucher
Sweden / Denmark AngelDust//stownage
Iceland AngelDust//mike
Poland AngelDust//inezlkk

Europe #angeldust /
Germany aD*atrox
Germany aD*souX
Germany aD*humm3l
Germany aD*sexyy
Slovenia aD*verunA
Germany aD*firaball
Poland aD*z3ROSLAW

Europe #quan - 6on6 and 3on3 squad
Germany #shidima - 6on6 and 3on3 squad
Germany #pstarz - 6on6 and 3on3 squad
twinzy new project :D

Europe #tba 3v3 - 6v6 mix-team
Netherlands saken
Netherlands dead
Netherlands rook
Netherlands sail
Netherlands snooz
Netherlands ztick
Finland crod
Slovenia verunA

Germany #delite6 3v3 - 6v6
Germany schnee
Germany ets
Slovenia verunA
Slovenia mqtri
Belgium jimini
United Kingdom vexx

Estonia #wrld 3v3 - 6v6
Estonia raztih
Netherlands skaffa
Slovenia verunA
Netherlands twizah
Netherlands saniel
Germany heroin aka soprano

Europe #labelone 3v3 - 6v6
Slovenia verunA
Slovenia mqtri
Germany schnee <3
Germany raki
Germany wayne ( manager )
Germany ets
Belgium jimini
Finland Ruipperi

Slovenia #laseki - 3v3
Slovenia rezon
Slovenia m1ke
Slovenia meth
Slovenia verunA

Slovenia #zel 3v3
Slovenia verunA
Slovenia mqtri
Slovenia akras
Netherlands perfo
Belgium jimini
Germany raki
Europe ReavEr

Netherlands #onlyone - 3v3
Slovenia verunA
Slovenia mqtri
Netherlands tr1ck
Belgium zyklon
Belgium Master

Belgium #mentiz lineup:
Slovenia verunA
Belgium jimini <3
Belgium tom
Belgium fritsie
Belgium foxy
Netherlands chino

Portugal #display ,
Portugal kloze clan admin/manager
Belgium anusa back-up
Slovenia verunA squad-leader
Slovenia revenge
Slovenia rezon ingame-leader
Slovenia arkas co-leader
Belgium bayatu
Europe tba...

Europe #re-play (i miss u all ) :( <3
Netherlands re-play|nud3l
Germany re-play|nOs
Slovenia re-play|verunA
France re-play|tassin
Belgium re-play|kinki
Europe re-play|esti

Italy #ec4
lineup :)
Belgium ec4Phil (cp)
Portugal eC4archy
Portugal ec4agon
Portugal ec4atila
Slovenia ec4verunA
Canada ec4anim

Europe #massacre
Slovenia 'tm-verunA
Slovenia 'tm-sacr - manager and clan leader
Poland 'tm-Palemki
Poland 'tm-ineslkk
Russia 'tm-vodka
Russia 'tm-Slaw
Germany 'tm-scatman

Europe #inFlux]
Netherlands frenky
Belgium cherry
Belgium prydz
Belgium gin
Slovenia verunA
Slovenia rezon
Finland jocker
Finland zto
Germany ph4te

Slovenia worldcup 3v3
Slovenia -slo.verunA-
Slovenia -slo.sAw
Slovenia -slo.t3kk

Europe 3v3 / 6v6 v1 , v2 and v3
Slovenia ataline
Slovenia verunA
Slovenia mqtri
Slovenia vetyver
Slovenia spike
Slovenia azrax
Poland arab
Poland zilla
Poland jabol
Belgium al7
Europe devotiii
Netherlands phunk
Netherlands scow
Hungary senti
Germany myth6s
Italy penoxa
Netherlands smokey
Germany hunta


One-day Cups - i dont play those random cups anymore :D
hypebeast et cup 3on3
bGAMING 3on3 cup II
et si 1day cup
cdap 3on3 cup v12
#tac2 2nd 3on3 cup
#re-play 6on6 cup
SND 1daycup v.19
place wodzionka 6on6 cup v.3
vGames IEC v2 One-Day Cup
#mystery.cup 2o2 v1
Israel National Championship cup v1 3on3 cup v13 3on3
et si 1day cup v2
Depthgaming 3v3 Cup v1 3on3
Trikolor Cup v.2
#Re-play 1daycup 3on3 v2
#Talk.ET 6v6 Cup Finals
OPEN CUP Premier division 06
#evu.cup 4 League 3 2010
OPEN CUP premier div. 3on3
ESL 6on6 Premier League 2009
Detonation XL 3on3 1 Day Cup 3on3
#sndgaming 3o3 cup cup v4 3on3
OPEN CUP premier div. 05
OPEN CUP 2nd div. 3on3
#Re-play 1daycup 3on3
#et-cup 6v6
NxM Cup #2 division 2
SND 1daycup v.20
Tac2 night Cup v2

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