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Gaming is in the past for me nowadays.

» Team history «

¬ Benelux System6 Gaming image: gid25_small

Netherlands Freedune (c)
Belgium JiMiNI
Belgium phille
Netherlands Trixor
Netherlands Wazaa
Netherlands zENO

Netherlands Fist
Japan Ming
Netherlands Qismo
Netherlands strw

System6 Website

¬ Benelux 8Bits Friends in Force image: gid25_small

Netherlands ReneGade

Netherlands Jo0f
Netherlands vaNqu1sh
Belgium Jere
Belgium siL
Belgium zifff
Belgium Worm

Netherlands BarBon
Netherlands Freedune
Belgium Ox

www.Clan-FiF.nl / www.8Bits-Gaming.org
#fif.gaming / #8bits-gaming

¬ Sweden the krakow Connection image: gid25_small

Sweden vArgen
Sweden kAviar
Sweden CIMEX
Finland JayJay
Finland eetee
Netherlands FreeLOW


¬ Benelux Unlimited E-Sports image: gid25_small / Finland Random Gaming image: gid25_small image: gid76_small image: gid55_small image: gid83_small image: gid22_small

Netherlands Freedune
Netherlands TrixOr
Netherlands Wazaa
Belgium Alvo
Belgium Johney
Belgium Falconneke
Belgium kAzzEma
Belgium Rhand


¬ Benelux Friends in Force v1 image: gid25_small image: gid71_small

Netherlands Rayman
Netherlands ReneGade
Netherlands Laser
Netherlands Jo0f
Netherlands Freedune
Netherlands Rock
Belgium Blood


¬ Benelux team Koala image: gid25_small image: gid14_small

Netherlands Freedune
Netherlands Rockje
Netherlands TrixOr
Netherlands Wazaa
Netherlands Jo0f
Belgium Falcon
Belgium Shoot
Belgium Alvo
Netherlands Fuego
Netherlands Rbrt
Netherlands P3n


¬ Europe Anti n00b Force image: gid25_small image: gid56_small

Netherlands Ikke
Sweden vArgen
Iceland JamesBlunt
Netherlands Rocksolid
Netherlands FreeDune
Netherlands Jo0f
Netherlands Jenniey
Germany Burnhard
Germany D!fsl@y
Belgium Goldenwolf
Netherlands WarLock


» Contact «

http://alvo.voetsjoeba.com/cf/msn.jpg[/img] Windows Live]

http://alvo.voetsjoeba.com/cf/xfire.jpg[/img] Xfire]

QuoteNot all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.


- #1day-cup Diso Cup with Benelux Unlimited E-Sports
- ClanBase 2on2 ladder with Benelux Unlimited E-Sports
- A summernights cup with Unlimited E-Sports
- ClanBase 6on6 ladder with Benelux Friends in Force
- Bunkercup with Benelux 8b1ts FiF
- Freshcore Cup 6v6 with Benelux 8b1ts FiF
- ClanBase Summercup '08 4th with Benelux System6
- ClanBase Summercup '08 1st with Benelux 8b1ts FiF

- Re-play 6on6 Oneday Cup #5 with Netherlands Poeners in Force

- ClanBase OC 6v6 Fall 2006 7th with Benelux Friends in Force
- ClanBase OC 3v3 Spring 2007 7th with Benelux Unlimited E-Sports
- ClanBase OC 3v3 Spring 2008 2th with Benelux 8b1ts FiF
- ClanBase OC 3v3 Spring 2008 5th with Benelux depthGaming
- Don Baker cup for Cancer research with Benelux 8b1ts FiF
- idem cup vol.3 with Benelux Friends in Force
- mouK 6on6 SantaClaus Cup with BelgiumSystem6

- 4th ESL Major Series with Benelux 8B Friends in Force
- EuroCup XX Qualifier with Belgium System6
- CDC4 Herbal award with Alcohol

Frag-O-Matic 9.0 with Benelux Unlimited E-Sports
Qualified for CDC4 with Benelux Friends in Force
CPUAMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3500+
MotherboardAuthenticAMD AMD; 2200MHz
Storage250 GB + 10 GB
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT
Operating SystemWindows XP Professional + Service Pack 2
MonitorFujitsu 21"
KeyboardRazer Tarantula
MouseLogitech MX518
ConnectionAdsl (Planet)