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Turkey Vahset

Anonymous RtCW (Player): 12/2002 - 2007 (+2014)

Turkey azra
Turkey Vahset
Turkey fireBall
Turkey Yeniceri
Turkey cellat image: ico_warn
Turkey suki
Turkey kara image: ico_warn
Turkey asker image: ico_warn
Turkey kan
Turkey pasha image: ico_warn

Belgium CoaP!
Belgium D3C0Y
Belgium ReneGade
Belgium RepTile (cl)
Belgium R!DDL3R
Netherlands Grime
Turkey Vahset
France a7o
France shaq
France fra

Belgium Nosferatu
Germany feAr
Germany humM3L
Germany N3oX
Germany sido
Germany tEs
Netherlands RonC
Switzerland tricky
Turkey azra
Turkey Vahset
Turkey fireBall
Turkey Yeniceri
Turkey cellat image: ico_warn
France kaz
France fra

and merced for Germany Team-Zenith.com and Germany Oceans6 <3

Nov/Dec 2013/2014
Europe for the RtCW Alliance Cup:
United Kingdom Artstar
Turkey atarax
Germany we4K
Germany Oxy
Belgium Kevin
Estonia pudi

Anonymous ET (Management): 2005 - 03/2008

Germany www.one4one.de (Management/PR, 2005 - 2006)
Europe #aMenti (Founder and owner, Sept 2006 - Feb 2007)
Europe The Last Resort.eSports #thelastresort (ET manager, Feb 2007 - March 2008)

- CDC4 -
United Kingdom Sheep
Finland Matias
Sweden feruS
Finland Iron
Estonia Night
Malta toxic


Belgium dAv1d
Belgium mAus
Netherlands BuLL
Netherlands m1lk
Netherlands teKoa
Netherlands Azz0r

Europe aMenti was

Belgium dAv1d
Belgium mAus
Latvia Clown
Spain Winghaven
- CDC3 -
Italy XyloS
Finland Matias

Czech Republic marv
Israel CrozZeus
United Kingdom syK
Finland jauhis
Poland doktor
Croatia aCoZz

Achievements as

Clanbase EuroCup XIII
ESL Premier League
Warleagues Premier Season 6
ESL IPS Final Stage
Clanbase EuroCup XIV
ET Masters (final on LAN, CPC2)
Clanbase EuroCup XV
Insignia Cadre Qpad Cup
Crossfire Qcup


Crossfire Prizefight Challenge 2
Crossfire Devotii Challenge 3
Crossfire Devotii Challenge 4

Working at Sweden QPAD | Community Manager & Sales Turkey

Netherlands M1lk
Netherlands jACKIE
Netherlands papi
Netherlands BuLL
Turkey atarax
Belgium dAv1d
Netherlands teKoa


image: c90s

Netherlands Lun4t1C
(16:51:11) (@L41) ehe
(16:52:17) (@L41) en ben je goed geworde na al die foto's make van al die goede spelers
(16:52:18) (@L41) hahah :p
(16:52:41) (@Atarax) XD
(16:52:42) (@Atarax) ROFL
(16:52:50) (@L41) haha

(22:39:54) (@Lun4t1C) ik ben weg doei ! ik nem mijn pik in me hand en gaaaaaaaaa

Germany kuraigu:
(19:18:08) (@kuraigu) go stick your damn cod4 up your ass

(22:27:33) (kuraigu) i will dominate
(22:27:38) (kuraigu) i am RtCW GER god

(18:50:28) (@kuraigu) darkie was one son of a bitch on beach
(18:50:31) (@kuraigu) sniping

Netherlands teKoa
" =) Jeroen zegt:
jij bent helemaal idioot
" =) Jeroen zegt:
alsof ik bang ben voor jou
" =) Jeroen zegt:
" =) Jeroen zegt:
je moet stand-up comedian worden

Netherlands BuLL
(17:47:54) (TCM|BuLL) kheb helemaal geen zin om met een allochtoon te praten eigelijk
(17:48:01) (TCM|BuLL) :D

1 dag voor CC5:
(17:21:59) (@BuLL`) net ff nieuwe muts gekocht
(17:22:07) (@BuLL`) lekker in de trein morgen
(17:22:11) (@BuLL`) die lange barre tochyt
(17:22:13) (@BuLL`) tocht
(17:22:16) (@BuLL`) naar het oosten
(17:22:24) (@BuLL`) voelt een beetje als de trein naar auswitz
(17:22:35) (@BuLL`) maar dan niet eens gratis ;|

Germany kuraigu - France fra
(@Atarax) how old is he actually
(@Atarax) fra
(@fra) 16
(@Atarax) nice
(@kuraigu) fra fuckin bois ?
(@Atarax) hahahahah :DDDDDDDD
(@fra) ..........
(@fra) no man some retard hacked my msn account
(@kuraigu) lol

Netherlands Kitty

' Esther zegt:
dat hoort niet hoor!
' Esther zegt:
jij & ET

Finland Sipperi
(21:39:11) (@Atarax) man sip i feel sick
(21:39:14) (@Atarax) like throwin up!
(21:39:36) (Sipperi) throw up then
(21:39:40) (@Atarax) .....
(21:39:45) (Sipperi) did you play ET or something ?
(21:39:52) (@Atarax) no :c
(21:39:57) (Sipperi) ooh
(21:40:15) (@Atarax) actually i did.. yes! a 3o3 with fra :p

My galleries:
Anonymous TLR@CDC III
Anonymous Official Crossfire Devotii Challenge IV Gallery
Netherlands Official Acer Challenge Gallery - by Crossfire.nu

Earth My Flicker account

Netherlands Crossfire Prizefight Challenge 2: April 2007
Netherlands Crossfire Devotii Challenge 3: September 2007
Netherlands Crossfire Devotii Challenge 4: March 2008
Netherlands Acer Challenge: June 6 - 8
Sweden Dreamhack Summer 08: June 14 - 17

+some smaller Belgium lans

Last Update: 19/06
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Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character.

France fra same car same day same amount of fine DIFFERENT country
(do you believe in coincidence? i dont) im gonna burn this car btw
CPUintel i7 4770 8MB box
MotherboardZ87-A Intel Z87
Memory16GB DDR3
Storageseveral ssd's
GraphicsGeForce GTX650 2Gb GDDR5
SoundLogitech z4e black
Operating SystemWin7 64bit ultimate
Monitor22" Samsung Syncmaster 2233SN
KeyboardLogitech K340
MouseAsus MX518 (QPAD 5K / Copperhead Chaos)
MousepadGigabyte GHOST gaming series (Qpad CT Large Black + UCR + Steelpad 5L)