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¬ Europe Jacks
Switzerland DabSter ( c )
Netherlands 0V!E
Finland lettu
Slovakia filuS
Sweden rat
Croatia rimi
France Em0ReJ
Netherlands Leonneke

¬ Europe Team <[o]>
Belgium Worm ( c )
Netherlands 0V!E
Belgium Kevin
Belgium spiROZE
Switzerland DabSter
Switzerland ReavErr
France Eht

¬ Benelux nkNn
Netherlands Illumise ( c )
Netherlands 0V!E
Finland kapaa
Belgium chizz6l
Belgium Witje
Netherlands Efax
Belgium crook
Netherlands loazis

¬ France dESIRE
France Bruceh ( c )
Netherlands 0V!E
France kARn4J
France Sinus
Belgium overdrive
France douille
Netherlands Efax
Italy diO
Norway Eirik
Germany duKe_
France kEEJI
France k2k

¬ Netherlands Accurate
Netherlands Morf ( c )
Netherlands 0V!E
Netherlands joshua
Netherlands overboost

¬ Netherlands undutchables
Netherlands Mize ( c )
Netherlands 0V!E
Netherlands juA
Netherlands overSchie
Netherlands Qyz
Netherlands sHaky
Netherlands Efax
Netherlands MOTiF

¬ United Kingdom Sublime
United Kingdom Kamz ( c )
Netherlands 0V!E
United Kingdom crumbs
Netherlands hayAa
Canada anim
Germany reAz
United Kingdom tyyrd
United Kingdom miXer
Netherlands Efax
Portugal mAv

¬ Benelux FiF
Netherlands vANQ ( c )
Netherlands 0V!E
Belgium siL
Netherlands Jo0f
Netherlands ins


EuroCup XVIII (with France dESIRE )
EuroCup XIX (with France dESIRE )
Eurocup XX (7th with United Kingdom Sublime )
Eurocup XXI (1 match with Poland squirtles :D )

CC6 (9th with France dESIRE )
CC7 (9th with Benelux FiF )