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QuotePoland ecw.dialer
Ask perfo.
or Mighty Bro :D

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In october, 2005th a bunch of noobs (me & my mates) put on a tag (which seemed 2 be very cool to us ) & started to play @ etpro publics using ventr. Sadly, we 've wasted almost a year playing on pubs & played our first prac @ 2006 vs the legend, NC skilled forwardua (!).
later 3 of 6 our members decided to switch to Quakerwars ( its demo version just was released & seemed awesome, so many people suggested it would kill ET (:D!)
So, I had 2 make my 1st recruitment post @ crossfire, & we got first non Russian player in our team, Bitti. A bit later snipu skrya & unblind joined too, while 1 more Russian quitted playing. That was a time when the team actually started to play @ CBase cups & regulary prac. we kept being a praccing team till the may, 2009th.
Speaking of the last 2 seasons -we jsut gather once \twice a week 2 play offis with the old mates

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full size version (c) Nonix

image: mirc_logo #6aHgA @ Qnet
mightybrother @ skype
for contacts.

the team is inactive since april 2k10 , maybe we ' ll c ya @ the next autumn 8)

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fall 2007 lineup

Russia M1ghty brother

Russia Kit
Finland Biitti
Finland Spidi
Finland Snipu
Finland Skrya aka Lauri
United Kingdom unblind
Russia Daka

2k9 spring lu

Russia M1ghty brother (cl)
Russia Daka
Russia Slaw
Canada sHAUN
Germany/Poland Samraj
Germany Sanji
Finland Snipu

+ following awesome people which 've played with us @ 2k8-2k9 season:

Latvia Fuzz
Latvia dunno
Netherlands Kitty
United Kingdom unblind
United Kingdom razbo
Germany flR

image: et

Latvia FUZZ
Russia h8m3
Russia dunzy
Netherlands spho
Netherlands Ati_
Finland lauri
Finland Spirea
Finland Sanda

those lads are kinda inactive
Russia SaL
Germany risee ( c ya in @ xmas :D )

<3 THESE GUYS! great mates & amazing players,
(all of them are, except AnonymousMightyBro, ofc)

image: etour top-secret uber tax @ attack
stolen & being used by impact ,dignitas ,TLR & megapro[/b]]

image: 58473243ts1

clan banda , october 2007th (c)

image: etquotes[/b] ]

Quotewat.Att!la: Sorry
wat.Elr4d: high + ?
wat.Att!la: Too high for us.

Quote by v0FFcka.5k Players with cheats they are pepole which fuck the woman only a finger, and all tell what at them the big penis, in other words nolucky

this section is dedicated to my IDOL Ukraine FORWARDUA

Quote by FORWARDUA fellows are written specially for those who penetrates

Quote by FORWARDUA to preparation requirements are not present
there are different compositions

Quote by FORWARDUA not boys to you claims are not present
Matc cancel i want worfait / so sossy gays

Quote by FORWARDUAthat to banter to ?
ordinary game simply quite good compositions going / and nobody wanted to die ))
before these we united 2 cards / as well as owe were

Quote by FORWARDUAConv3rs he not ban and ban does not have on CB - if will want and whoever to will come to will play

Quote<[FORWARD]> it is possible and so and so / however much a game will be / is there a difference ?
<DaD|pw3t> u want play for both cups in 1 match ?
<[FORWARD]> however me / simply that to be afraid of game / she however will be already
<DaD|pw3t> lol
<[FORWARD]> I am simply simpler to plan on KB and all
<DaD|pw3t> i dont fucking understand ur language

Quote-( vktr ): 20:18:17 [[FORWARD]] link your clan on CB?
-( vktr ): 20:18:41 (vktr) why?
-( vktr ): 20:26:28 [[FORWARD]] &#1076;&#1096;&#1090;&#1083; &#1097;&#1090; &#1085;&#1097;&#1075;&#1082; &#1089;&#1076;&#1092;&#1090; &#1097;&#1090; &#1057;&#1048; &#1088;&#1092;&#1084;&#1091; ?
-( vktr ): 20:26:39 (vktr) ....
-( vktr ): 20:27:10 [[FORWARD]] link on CB on your clan have ?
-( vktr ): 20:27:23 (vktr) why? it isnt a cb offi
-( vktr ): 20:27:43 [[FORWARD]] am plan gamed
-( vktr ): 20:27:49 [[FORWARD]] am plan games
-( vktr ): 20:27:54 (vktr) ?
-( vktr ): 20:28:04 [[FORWARD]] am planing games
Quote( vktr ): this guy is fucking retarded

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won a map vs a real EC team :D

got 150$ for Russian winter cup 2007's bronze (6v6) & gold( @ 3v3)
(the only random cup worth mentioning here since baNdA won real prizemoney)

defeated legendary FORWARDUA's team 7 times on ettv
CPUpenttium IV 2.67 Mhz
Memory1 gb
Graphicsgeforce 8500 GT
Operating SystemWInXP
MonitorSamsung lcd 17"
ConnectionADSL 4 Mbits\512kbits