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Moviemaking for dreamed Pictures
Some projects:

- Noorgrin clip W§W
- def- clip W§W
- juICE & Noorgrin

DJing and producing music as a hobby..
http://www.soundcloud.com/v1ech and follow me :)
(still a beginner but its getting better)

most recent mix:

Currently playing for:
the best team i have ever been on!
Poland jKr
United Kingdom unblind
United Kingdom FLEXdaSLUT
Poland/Germany flR
Austria v1ech
Poland gooly
Finland Karii
Poland fuNNky

Bunch of the most sensational guys, you could find on the internet, and that i went through ups and downs with.

Team Austria 2011:
Austria day_ (c)
Austria jaN
Austria scorch
Austria DonMatthias
Austria v1ech
Austria Limbr0nic
Austria be4sty

image: crabzg5
image: 1324
image: 465jv5
image: 2692
image: 2455
image: 469
image: 88
image: 3481
image: tomy6hh
image: 6545

my favourite smileys[/b]]
image: Emote_Project__Zombie_Nation_by_LeoLeonardo

My Guitar[/b]]
image: myguitarfo2

image: claudiaat8

pics of me[/b]]
image: HPXPV-4267-721995-l_1(the left one)
image: OWIFT-4267-721995-l_1 (dance :D)
image: bild025y
image: OMQYO-4267-721995-d_1
image: GUOVP-4267-721995-l_1
image: EWWJU-4267-721995-l_1
enough :x

Seen live:
- TemperD
- Ed Rush
- Pendulum
- DJ Hell
- Body & Soul
- Aphrodite
- Subfocus
- Black Sun Empire
- TC
- Sven Väth
- David Guetta
- Carl Cox
- Digitalism
- Spor
- John B
- D.Kay (which was fail)
- Noisia
- Camo & Krooked
- Moonbootica
- Many many random dnb and electronic DJs (Austria arTis is my dnb homiee :D)
- Satory
- Metallica |||
- StoneSour
- Guns & Roses
- Limp Bizkit
- Prodigy
- Slipknot
and many more

Austria ESL|n3co:
<@SoNAv|ech> Hat do you already have your cpm installed?
<+ESL|n3co`-> hat do u
<+ESL|n3co`-> nice
<+ESL|n3co`-> :D
<@SoNAv|ech> WAS
<+ESL|n3co`-> [20:50] <SoNAv|ech> Hat do you already have your cpm installed?
<@SoNAv|ech> Ja?
<+ESL|n3co`-> !
<@SoNAv|ech> Soll ich dich über deinen epic fail aufklären?
<+ESL|n3co`-> bitte darum
<+ESL|n3co`-> :D
<@SoNAv|ech> guck mal in die contactlist
<@SoNAv|ech> oder Drücke h und Tab
<+ESL|n3co`-> :D
<+ESL|n3co`-> na wer soll denn damit rechnen!
<+ESL|n3co`-> aber in zukunft gehört da nen beistrich hin :P
<+ESL|n3co`-> merk dir das :P

ET Players, i ve met irl:
Austria n3co
Austria arTis
Austria Limbonic
Austria Bruzl4H
Austria rapture
Austria Potter
Austria be4sty
Germany mUnduS
United Kingdom unblind
Austria scorch
Austria hal
Austria joey
Austria ruben
Austria jozz
Austria ludviech
Austria t0m-
Austria mladn aKa milQ
Austria wiruz




Was eborn in Austria CDAP
CPUIntel Quad core 4 x 2,4 Ghz
MotherboardIntel 965
Memory2 Gb
Storage1,08 Tb
GraphicsGeforce 9600 GT
SoundFocusrite Saffire 6 USB
Operating SystemWindows XP Pro / Ubuntu 10.04
Monitor22''ws 120Hz
KeyboardSPEEDLINK Steel (silver)
MouseRazer Deathadder
MousepadRazer Mantis Speed