LAN Veteran

Has attended an ET LAN event


Online :

ET French championship Division 1 (Spring 2007) with Europe logic.
ET ESL SummerCup '07 6on6 Division 2 with Europe LOGIC wnL.

ET #Sc.et 1DayCup² with France unhaxpected.
ET Winnerscup Season VIII by warleague with Europe logic.

ET J4f Funcup Second Edition with Europe Onix Identiti.

Offline :

ET RE@LAN 2009 in Paris with Europe gZcon.
ETQWLAN Fnac Trophee in Nice with France Bad mofos.
CoD4 TDM Fnac Trophee in Paris with France Chronos.

ET FrenchLAN 2008 in Paris with Europe SimpleMinded.