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Takens take article/column series
Number 1: http://crossfire.nu/?x=article&mode=item&id=134
Number 2: http://crossfire.nu/?x=article&mode=item&id=135
Number 3: http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=column&mode=item&id=330 (CDC4 edition)

(@Wils) taken is a saint.

(@kullerva) yeah taken the turncoat nigra
(@kullerva) "MGC ARE FOR FAGS !! THEY ARE SHI..... wait did you say free bouncers ? MGC ARE HAPPY NICE THINGS !!!

(@H2k|Winghaven) nice noregian !
(@H2k|Winghaven) norway !
(@H2k|Winghaven) nice talking nor....
(@H2k|Winghaven) norewan
(@H2k|Winghaven) ?

(@H2k|Winghaven) we're clasified for ESL then ?

image: c_hits


Notable clan history:
Norway Dirty Sniper Rats.bf2
Norway aPas.bf2
Skandinavia NextGen.Gaming.bf2
Europe H2k-Gaming.etqw

Norway National teams:
Team Norway BF2 05/06
Team Norway BF2 5on5 06/07 Captain
Team Norway BF2 8on8 06/07
Team Norway ETQW 07 Captain
Team Norway COD4 07

Current team

The Gathering 2006 5on5 Battlefield 2 compo (redux, zod, lepow, taken, woo)
Hwlan 2006 5on5 Battlefield 2 compo (taken, nazgul, campy, woo, beaver)
SLKS #10 2006 5on5 Battlefield 2 compo (taken, wona, redux, woo, tork)
Wonderbase 2006 5on5 Battlefield 2 compo (taken, vanishz, speedy, tork, zod)
Inferno Online Stockholm 2006 Battlefield 2142 6on6 invite promo-compo (taken, zod, speedy, vanishz, tork, Dignitas\Keno)
The Experience 2007 BF2 5on5 (taken, woo, wona, zod, blitz)

Clanbase BF2 infladder (aPas)
Up-North BF2 season 5 division 1 (Dirty Sniper Ratz)
Played Eurocup XIII BF2 (Dirty Sniper Ratz)
place Norwegian SLKS #10 / Nordic Championship BF2 qualifier (aPas)
place Up-North BF2 season 7 division 1 (NextGen.Gaming)
4th place EuroCup XIV BF2 (NextGen.Gaming)

Enemy Territory: QUAKE WARS:
Crossfire/ESL ETQW demo cup (German Tv Cencored Our Clan Name)
ESL New Years cup (iNET)

Nordic Championship (sondac, katarn, taken, huggo, utr, phaze)

Played on real tv 4 times, Xover.tv in Sweden while playing bf2142, NRK 2 in Norway while playing BF2, DR 2 while playing BF2 in Denmark and on NRK 3 while playing WIC/BF2.

Captain for the 3rd most earning BF2 team in the EU (aPas)

Total: 11200 euro | Source: http://www.team-dignitas.org/articles.php?id=66&comPage=2 (lacking 3 lans)

1st The Gathering 5on5 06 - 3.078 euro
3rd Hwlan 5on5 06 - 2000 euro
1st SLKS #10 5on5 06 - 2.012 euro
1st Bylan 5on5 06 - 1400 euro
1st The Experience 5on5 07 - 2800 euro
CPUquad core
Graphics8800gtx / need it to get 300fps on ultra low
Soundxifi gamer
Operating SystemXP
Monitor19"crt 120hz @ 800x600 <3
Keyboardsaitek eclipse2 with broken t-button :(
Mouselogitech mx518
MousepadQpad CT
Connection20 ultrauperbitz