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Nick: Dr.Skillz
Skill: Med
avi: Everyday and active
mIRC: Yup
Comms: All versions of Vent and TS2
From: United Kingdom UK, Manchester

Sensitivity: 3.8 400DPI
FOV: 90
Gamma: 2
MaxPacks: 100

/q DrSkills @ #pod.et #et.shiven


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Born and Raised in Manchester!
I get the bus to school//college on the busiest road in europe!
Watched Prison Break
Watched Heroes
Watched Lost
Watched 24
Attended i34 Lan

1st CoD4 S&D OpenCup Spring 2008 7 July 2008
1st CoD4 S&D UK 5on5 Hosted June 2008
i34 LAN - COD4 SD Winners bracket

..::[[Currently Playing CoD4[/b]]]::..

Wolfenstein - Enemy Teritory Ex Clans[/u]

Call of duty 4 Clans
#killer - Killer Legion
[iA] - Immortal Alliance
signa - Signature Gaming
CPUAMD AM2 4000+
MotherboardASUS m2n32-SLI DELUXE
Memory3080mb Geil 800mhz PC2-6400
Storage500GB SATA 16MB CACHE 7,200 rpm
GraphicsEVGA 8800 Ultra 768mb
SoundSoundMax Intergrated Digital HD audio
Operating SystemWindows XP
Monitor22" LCD TFT LG Monitor 2ms HDCP 3000:1
KeyboardSaitek Eclipse II
MouseLogitech MX518
MousepadSteelseries 4D
HeadsetSteelSeries 4H / Logitech 5.1 Z-640
ConnectionBT SUCKS