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Announcing FatGames
5 Phat guys, 1 Phat site and 2 Phat lans!
Modern Warfare 2 updates
No Modern Warfare 2 demo
New Modern Warfare 2 Trailer is Live
Raf1 talks Promod for MW2
New Modern Warfare 2 Footage
Modern Warfare 2 "caters to the hardcore gamer"
Modern Warfare 2 Rated 18
MW2 Petition "Won't be ignored"
Modern Warfare 2 UK Launch Details
Minimal System Specs for MW2
QL AGP Rankings Released for Duel
Quake Live ESL EC announced
Dreamhack to feature first MW2 LAN
MW2 to Exceed $500m in First Week Sales
IW Releases MW2 Launch Trailer
Activision "not overly concerned" by MW2 PC compla...
Online retailers boycott MW2
MW2: 1 Day To Go - Updates
Modern Warfare 2 Launched, First Reviews Surface!
Modern Warfare 2 Hacked
Call of Duty to Become Pay to Play
i38 MW2 Details Announced
European Championship Quake Live Playerlist Comple...
ESL EC QL Groups Announced
Dreamhack QL on the way!
Dreamhack QL Groupstages!
Dreamhack QL Final Standings: Av3k Wins!
Team CoolerMaster Remastered!
IEM QL European Championship Continues!
GamingHeaven's Game of the Year 2009 Awards
EnemyDown Acquired by Heaven Media
A Fresh Power at CiC7
Heaven Media Awards 2009
fatal1ty: If I come and play, I gonna play to win!
Heaven Media Awards - Still time to vote
TAG win the Intel Sunday Night Cup #3
YYT win the Intel Sunday Night Cup #4
IEM QL European Championship Draws to a Close
TLR Player DEKO Banned by CB
YYT.CoD4 Lose Their Lukz
Heaven Media Award Winners
Team YYT.ET call on twidi for duty!
IW Started Working on CoD MMO
YYT.CoD4 Switches Teams
Ex-Tempus Moriendi Return for CiC7
ESL QL EC Finals Contestants
Belgian Heroes Step Into Action
Gamerbase Announce CoD4 LAN
Blight add Matias for CIC7
Blight.ET Starts Community Contributions
Team Austria Yeah Baby Yeah
Cypher Wins the QL IEM European Championship
Blight.ET Private ETTV
CIC7 ET Signups now CLOSED
CIC7 ET Seeding Tournament Seedings
CIC7 ET Seeding Tournament Details
CIC7 ET Seeding Cup Small Changes
YYT.ET Take Some M1lk
Estonia Adds Blights
BF:BC2 Beta Keys from I3D
Blight To Run Another Practise Session!
CIEC Groupstages Recap
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Phantoms Add Eirik
Blight win the CIEC cup!
CIEC Recapitulation
*UPDATE* Play With Blight Competition
CIEC CoD Playoffs Underway!
CIC7 QL Seedings & Format
Vicious and Evil back in action
CIC7 Is Live!
Call of Duty 4 featured in the Benelux EPS Season ...
Tek-9 Interviews the Godfather of competitive gami...
Time for Antwerp!
HM Presents First QL One Night Wonder
Mystic Returns for Impact Gaming
ET Officially at AEF
Quake Live With Updates!
AEF Website Launched
SLAC Anti-Cheat Announced!
AEF First 16 Slots Full!
CoD Black Ops Trailer Released
AEF Payday Is Upon Us!
AEF First Round Dropouts
AEF Second Round Finished
Relive the battle of Waterloo (live!)
Alienware Backpacking Challenge, $5000
AEF Teams and Maps
AEF: How to get your press pass
AEF: CS:S cancelled, more slots for CoD4
The Alienware Challenge 4 Are Announced
AEF Update
AEF Schedule & Groups
AEF Tech Specs
AEF Setting Up
AEF Feedback Please
AEF Coverage Round-up
Alienware Challenge Week 6
Played: Showmatch Erdenberg
Quakecon 2010 Final Standings
Alienware Challenge Final Vote!
The Alienware Backpacking Challenge Final Results

Legendary Journals[/b]]FUCK EINDHOVEN FUCK


CC5 CoD4
The Gameland 2008

Was seconds away from playing Eurocup!
Killed ET. Twice!

Andreas has been playing Enemy Territory and its predecessor Return for Castle Wolfenstein for more than nine years. In 2008 he started a multigaming team FatGames, backed up by a GSP, which sent an all-UK Call of Duty 4 team to the Gameland in Italy and the Crossfire Challenge 5 in The Netherlands. On the former event the team achieved a second place right behind Buttonbashers, the best CoD4 team of the world at that time, and on the latter the team was victorious after beating Buttonbashers in the finals. After managing this MGC Andreas took a different turn by directly contributing to the Enemy Territory community. First off he helped out on the Crossfire Intel Challenge 7, running a Quake Live community tournament, after which he took on a more visible role by becoming administrator on Crossfire.nu, the primary community hub for ET. Andreas ensured a continuous flow of newsitems and features ranging from the run-up towards Modern Warfare 2 to coverage on various online competitions. He also has a good connection with Heaven Media, resulting in the HM community awards being organized primarily under his guard. Early 2009 he worked on his most ambitious project as of yet, giving the Enemy Territory teams the chance to compete on the most prestigious and biggest eSports event within the Benelux, the Antwerp eSports Festival. After successfully organizing and running the event together with the Gamevibes staff and Vita Nova, Andreas set up an alliance between the most active and respected community figures in the scene. Furthermore Andreas worked and managed proactively a future Crossfire project.
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