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Quote(22:01:38) (bSTURZ|myth6s) first match vs hackers
(22:01:50) (bSTURZ|myth6s) who the fuck is saw/barney and stuff lol check
they`re cf profiles
(22:01:51) (bSTURZ|myth6s) says enough

Quote16:13: <Morin> tol sawil koodit
16:13 <Morin> tai sitte se ampuu kovempaa ku mystic
16:14 <Morin> kiva pelaa sd sitä vs ku se pitää 1v3 CP:t siel
16:14 <Morin> :CCCCCCCC

translation:"that sAw has codes"
"or he shoots better than mystic"
"nice to play supply against him when he holds CP 1vs3"

Quote21:53 <ipssik> hacker?
21:53 <ipssik> lol
21:53 <ipssik> im not cheata
21:54 <kRONE> ipssik: you're
21:54 <kRONE> same like inseh_
21:54 <kRONE> whole ET scene knows that both of you're cheaters
21:54 <kRONE> bb rude world

Quote (11:21:07)([8B]-jetro) met ene ipkiss/sAw?
(11:21:11)(axel) ja
(11:21:18)([8B]-jetro) die cheat fucking hard naart schijnt

([8B]-jetro) with one ipkisss/sAw?
(axel) yes
([8B]-jetro) he cheats fucking hard people say
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Quoteimage: efhax

Playing for:
Sloveniaincredible people[/b]]
- Northern Ireland i p d i c k
- Greenland i p b i t c h
- Anonymous i p k i s s

image: etprevious teams
crossfire challenge 5 ,2008
Germany db rodo cc5
Netherlands db juize cc5
Netherlands db testi cc5
Finland db sandi cc5
Slovenia db tekkzor cc5
Slovenia db ipssik cc5

Lineup: 08
Netherlands play2win saKen dFAULT
Netherlands play2win LavOd dFAULT
Poland play2win aDman dFAULT
Poland play2win dolar dFAULT
Canada play2win animal dFAULT
Slovenia play2win ipssik dFAULT

Sweden play2win slajdan dFAULT
Italy play2win neve dFAULT
Spain play2win gengis dFAULT

Slovenia LOSbastardos[/b]]
3on3 only!
Poland LOSb-plain 8]
Israel LOSb-deadmAn 8[
Poland LOSb-zMk
Netherlands LOSb-kiewan aka hater
Slovenia LOSb-tekk :]
Netherlands LOSb-ins 8)
Slovenia LOSb-nabje [:
AlgeriaLOSb-ipkiss 8F

Belgium Violence is Bad[/b]]
- Netherlands vib axel
- Netherlands vib ins
- France vib barney-
- Finland vib tonI
- England vib andeh`
- Slovenia vib sAw

Puerto Rico vib setup
France vib manix

Slovenia Team Slovenia[/b] |3on3 wc|]
- Slovenia -slo.tekk-
- Slovenia -slo.verunA-
- Slovenia -slo.i p k i s s-

Slovenia Team Slovenia[/b]]
[NationsCup XII]
- Slovenia -slo.carniee-
- Slovenia -slo.superboy-
- Slovenia -slo.immoo-
- Slovenia -slo.JakaZc-
- Slovenia -slo.vektor-
- Slovenia -slo.ipssik-

[NationsCup XI]
- Slovenia -slo.carniee-
- Slovenia -slo.optmal-
- Slovenia -slo.superboy-
- Slovenia -slo.ILLY-YA-
- Slovenia -slo.snail-
- Slovenia -slo.sAw-

Benelux massacre v.2[/b]]
- Slovenia 'tm.tekk
- Finland 'tm.kotz
- Denmark 'tm.Degg7
- Slovenia 'tm.sacr
- Finland 'tm.tapsaferia
- Slovenia 'tm.sAw

- Israel 'tm.deadmAn-

England younggunz[/b]]
- Israel gunz-deadmAn-
- England gunz-rN
- Spain gunz-wezor
- France gunz-fra
- Poland gunz-zMk
- England gunz-sqzz
- Netherlands gunz-abort
- Slovenia gunz-sAwxy

- Austria beAsty
- Austria rapture
- Slovenia cru3l
- Poland futur3

United Kingdom OVERLOAd.[/b]]
- Poland OVERLOAd-RadZiu
- Germany OVERLOAd-hAse
- Sweden OVERLOAd-unisol
- Norway OVERLOAd-kaiz
- United Kingdom OVERLOAd-s1lence
- Slovenia OVERLOAd-sAw

Benelux Team Massacre[/b] (1year)]
- Slovenia 'tm.sacr-manager

- Sweden 'tm.unisol
- Slovenia 'tm.cru3l
- Slovenia 'tm.tekk
- Finland 'tm.crosby
- Israel 'tm.deadmAn
- Norway 'tm.kaiz
- Slovenia 'tm.sAw

- Finland 'tm.cwrd

Slovenia space monkeyz[/b]]
image: muravcjesmrt
- Slovenia [oO] tekk
- Slovenia [oO] cru3l
- Slovenia [oO] extreme(bock)
- Slovenia [oO] Asgard
- Slovenia [oO] Fr33ze
- Slovenia [oO]bronze(mercau kdaj pa kdaj)
- Slovenia [oO] sAw

United States of America popstars[/b]]
- United States of America popstars*speedy
- United States of America popstars*badjester
- United States of America popstar*Perun
- United States of America popstars*budDha
- United States of America popstars*mudD

image: reasonlogo1cmykkv8

image: 26228000lesclaypoolfishe


iDem mini cup #2 - brabus
iNvictus-cup #2 - NDAN
monday cup - att
aow cup#12 - LOSbastardos
cdap cup #3 - LOSbastardos
iks.et Nightcup - LOSbastardos
Northern darkness #1 - LOSbastardos
iNvictus-cup #3 - LOSbastardos
cArpeaMor-cup #1 - Carpeamor
ET 3on3 anti3 World Cup I - Team Slovenia
ET 3on3 OpenCup Spring 08 Premier league - Violence is Bad
ESL Instant 6on6 Cup #9 - DIPO
@ Warleagues VII '06 Alpha I group - Team-massacre
ET Summer '06 Hosted Cup Premier league - Team-massacre
ET 6on6 OpenCup Spring 2006 Premier league - Team-massacre
ET Summer '07 Hosted Cup Premier league - younggunz
ET 6on6 OpenCup Spring 2008 Premier league - Violence is Bad
ET 6on6 OpenCup Fall 2008 Premier league - play2win
ET NationsCup XI, XII - Team Slovenia
Crossfire Challenge 5