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Estonia sac
Estonia mAnki
Estonia popz
Poland Kr1s/MOFOO
Estonia subb
Estonia mant
Estonia sac
Estonia jürkz

Italy DaNoNe
Netherlands h3r0!n
Finland kotz
Poland Kr1s
Slovenia m1ke
United Kingdom Sheep
United Kingdom XenoMorph dvotion

Estonia EmeRica
Estonia Fierro
Poland Kr1s
Germany Asmogan
Estonia Scyter
Netherlands Squinn

Estonia Claimaxz
Estonia Fierro
Spain Jizz
Estonia Mcleod
Poland Kr1s
Estonia Woob
Estonia Knv
Estonia Popz
Estonia Vegaa

Slovenia sAcr
Russia Slaw
Poland dyNastic
Latvia Speedy
Slovenia m1Ke
Poland Blay

Estonia Flip
Estonia p0ku
Estonia Neku
Estonia Scyter
Estonia Zomec
Estonia Rbz
Estonia Lauts
Estonia Fierro


18 y/o from Poland
speakin decent English
Non cheating past

&some moreinfos

Playing ET since 2005/07/22
ET Timedemo 294.8

And I'm grindin' til I'm tired
Cuz They say "You ain't grindin' til you tired
So I'm grindin' with my eyes wide
Looking to find
A way through the day
A light For the night
Dear Lord, you done took so many of my people
I'm just wonderin' why you haven't taken my life
Like what the hell am I doing right?

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I Esports Arena Enemy-Territory 6v6, 2007 LAN with glitz
I #et.aow 3v3 cup #2 with glitz
I #et.aow 3v3 cup #10 with glitz
II Chicken With Guns 3on3 Oldskoolcup v1
II Freshcore cup with frag1Lity
III Alvi.et 3v3 cup with glitz
III Re-Play 6v6 onedaycup with glitz
III Aktivist 2008 LAN - Viljandi, 2008 with glitz

Best newcommer in Estonian ET Community, 2005
Friendlyest person in Estonian ET Community, 2007
Gamestv.org Admin, 2007.
Since 1 April, 2006 i got a Girlfriend.
Best Shoutcaster in Estonia, 2007
17:50:02 [InterFace`] SA OLED MU IIIDOL!
CPUIntel Core 2 Duo 2Ghz
Storage149,05GB + 2TB
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce 9400M
Sound2x250W Sony
Operating SystemMac OSX
KeyboardMacbook 5.1 Deafult
MouseLogitech M305
ConnectionElion DTV / Tele2