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Movies I made:

image: collapselolz

Europe Need new player to start project / status : none
Poland Kento Minimovie Finished on 20th November 2009

Current clan:

Europe FiF.Red SC 2013

Poland Cisy
Belgium Frauwe
Netherlands m4rk
Belgium P5Y
Belgium nakato
United Kingdom sTkz
France Sword
Netherlands vis

Clan History:


Europe exitium

Netherlands pds
Finland kotz
Sweden baq
Slovenia Aniky
France eraz
Poland Cisy

Germany violy
Netherlands TeKoa[/img]Belgium by #g2p v2]

Poland Cisy
Belgium De57
Belgium Frauwe
Germany lango
Netherlands vanQ
Estonia ZeD
Germany znArk
Czech Republic Rifleman
France sword[/img]Europe Titanz @ SAGE Lan]
Belgium BrCh
Poland Cisy
Belgium P5Y
Finland pehoo/Niko
United Kingdom herbal/crumbs[/img]Benelux by #g2p]
Belgium cider
Belgium Frauwe
Netherlands fritsie
Belgium P5Y
Belgium imPluX
Poland Cisy
Netherlands Insehh[/img]Europe FiF.Red]
Poland Cisy
Belgium Frauwe
Belgium P5Y
France Riggs
France Sword[/img]Europe Titanz AEF LAN]
Belgium Brch
Belgium Pimp
Belgium Frauwe
Poland Cisy
France Sword[/img]Poland team overplay @ EGU 2010]
Poland boobje
Poland dyru
Poland dzordzo
Poland cisy
Poland szczurek[/img]Europe*EU* - Friends in Force *Red*]
Belgium Frauwe (c)
Belgium P5Y
Poland Cisy
Belgium Rhand
Netherlands fritsie
Poland qLL[/img]Europe*EU* - Friends in Force *Red* CiC7 LAN]
Belgium Frauwe (c)
Belgium P5Y
Poland Cisy
Belgium nAzty
France sword[/img]Europe*EU* - Friends in Force *Red* OUTLAW]
Belgium Frauwe (c)
Belgium P5Y
Poland Cisy
Belgium nAzty
France Sword/bJörn
Germany Ss-A-P
England stkz[/img]Poland Energy v3]
Poland cisy
Poland Losiu
Poland mXm
Poland samAel
Poland Marb
Poland solitare player
Poland Protonic[/img]Europe 8B1ts - Friends in Force *Red* v3]
Belgium [8B]-Frauwe FiF (c)
France [8B]-sword FiF
France [8B]-Rizk FiF
Poland [8B]-cisy FiF
Poland [8B]-klejf FiF
Poland [8B]-vojdal FiF[/img]Europe 8B1ts - Friends in Force *Red* v2]
Belgium [8B]-Frauwe FiF (c)
Belgium [8B]-nAzty FiF
France [8B]-sword FiF
France [8B]-drTank FiF
Poland [8B]-cisy FiF
Netherlands [8B]-Eddo FiF
Germany [8B]-Skydriver FiF[/img]Europe 8B1ts - Friends in Force *Red* v1]
Belgium 8B1ts.Frauwe #FiF (c)
Belgium 8B1ts.nAzty #FiF
France 8B1ts.sword #FiF
Germany 8B1ts.dArw1n #FiF
Turkey 8B1ts.TanQ #FiF
Poland 8B1ts.Cisy #FiF[/img]Europe re-play beta]
Netherlands noos
Germany mOsq
Poland cisy
Germany solute
Denmark GhaNa
Germany aAAl[/img]Poland Devilry Germany Re-Play Gaming]
Poland boski
Poland aZrael
Poland miks
Poland errol
Poland stn
Poland jebutor
Poland cisy[/img]Poland idem Poland Hardcore Fighters]
Poland alko
Poland dewu
Poland cisy
Poland dawid
Poland Losiu
Poland Spitfire[/img]Poland idem]
Poland alko
Poland Ths
Poland david
Poland cisy
Poland tikyy
Poland dewu
Poland abbas[/img]Poland Energy v2]
Poland cisy
Poland roCket
Poland losiua
Poland Siawy
Poland grzesiek
Poland About[/img]Poland neVerminds Poland UCP]
Poland pius
Poland despero
Poland cisy
Poland worm
Poland Sajmon
Poland furman
Poland grzesiek[/img]Poland Team Narcotic]
Poland grave
Poland kenta
Poland cisy
Poland fuxor
Poland zerohour
Poland in3
Poland Grassman[/img]Belgium underGround Gaming]
Poland cisy
Belgium CriTik
France Em0reJ!
Switzerland FuS!oN
Poland malczik
Switzerland Juli3n
Finland Kaide
Belgium mika[/img]Poland valkiria]
Poland dr4cul
Poland stapec
Poland pou
Poland rou
Poland cisy
Poland n00n
Poland kinker[/img]Poland Authentic]
Poland Tanghil
Poland Krolik
Poland Muadib
Poland Killing Joke
Poland cisy
Poland rise
Poland saqu[/img]Europe school-Lovers]
Poland destiny
Poland poiussino
Poland cisy
Italy biSka
Italy spidol
France bobyte
France wavy[/img]Europe Callisto]
Malta Lamento
Malta Badboy
Malta hex4
Malta Gsus
Poland cisy
Sweden Warthog[/img]Poland onis]
Poland truman
Poland Ponton
Poland Navaho
Poland cisy
Poland Omen
Poland Ajron[/img]Poland Reaction]
Poland albin
Poland bialas
Poland buggs
Poland cisy
Poland cymky
Poland fuxor
Poland krZz
Poland malczik

Poland mArszal
Poland Rekin
Poland Rodia
Poland uCIZZE
Poland viC
Poland ysiek
Poland zgrd[/img]Poland Energy v1]
Poland cisy
Poland roCket
Poland killer
Poland luckzor
Poland Fanatic
Poland GrN
Poland Losiu
Poland Chemical

image: game_et 3vs3[/img]Poland alvi]
Poland malczik
Poland cisy
Poland iksde
Finland Sanda[/img]Europe wewillpwnyou]
Belgium leito
Poland cisy
Poland iksde[/img]Poland some1s]
Poland FrG
Poland cisy
Poland malczik
Poland iksde[/img]Poland scArifiers]
Poland absit
Poland sw1ruzz
Poland cisy[/img]Poland iNfection]
Poland albin
Poland cisy
Poland malczik
Poland BandiT
Poland KacZor

image: game_et Cup Teams[/img]Poland darts-team]
Poland hassan
Poland cisy
Poland mors[/img]Europe gibon]
Poland wAldus
Poland z3RO
Poland Elviss
Poland cisy[/img]Panama wiSe-guys]
Poland ridji
Poland cisy
Poland Turki[/img]Poland niggas]
Poland Elviss
Poland cisy
Poland ridji[/img]Poland opierdol kapelucha]
Poland Roni
Poland kuna
Poland cisy
Poland Smutny
Poland czesiek
Poland filter
Poland kazio
Poland fatal

You can download my minimovie overthere: crossfire


Online awards:
Made Germany criatura, Germany phatemon, Germany hurensohn egoquit
Admin of Poland East Games United LAN / Enemy Territory
ESL 3on3 Spring Cup 2012 - Cup #6 with energy
mythocup 3on3 Cup season 1 with darts-Team
siN.3on3 Cup v.5 with energy
Amber.Cup 3vs3 with energy
Decrypted.cup v1 with wiSe-guys
Outlaw 6on6 Cup #8 with FiF red
CB OpenCup 6on6 Spring Group F with FiF red
ET Masters div2 groupstage with FiF red
sIN.Gaming Knifecup v.1 with energy
ET Polish 6on6 with Authentic
ESL 3on3 Autumn Cup 2012 - Qualifications ODC #3 with energy
Super One Day Cup 3vs3 with wiSe-guys
RCupSeries #8 with Lost Soldiers
e-WAVE 3vs3 cup v.4 wiSe-guys
SummerCup 2009 - 6o6 - Division 2 with
NoName 3on3 Cup v7 with opierdol kapelucha
NoName 3on3 Cup v5 Reaction
ESL 3v3 Summer Leagues 2009 4th div. with energy
#CROW.cup 3vs3 with wiSe-guys 3on3 Cup v.1 with gibon
#CROW.cup 3vs3 with energy
Sjee-cup 3on3 v.1 niggas
xTreme-Gaming 3v3 v1 with darts-Team
ESL 3on3 Autumn Cup 2012 - Qualifications ODC #3 with energy
Easy Company Cup III with [*EU*] United Soldiers of Europe
CB ET 6v6 Seasonal Ladder FiF Red
Coldfire16teamscomeback 3vs3 with energy
League of Polish Towns with Bielsko-Biala
Magic Balloons 6on6 Cup with Idem @
CB Opencup 6on6 with Authentic
CB Summercup 6on6 with Authentic
#4th ESL 6on6 Winter League 2011/2012 Div.3 with exitium
#5th CB SC 2009 with energy
#5th CB OpenCup 6on6 Fall 2009 with FiF red
#5th CB OpenCup 6on6 Spring 2009 with FiF red
#5th #evu.cup v.4 with [*EU*] United Soldiers of Europe
#7th Don Baker Gateway Research Cup with FiF red

#5th CB Ladder Stopwatch/Objective 1on1
#8th CB Ladder Stopwatch/Objective 1on1

LAN awards:

#4th Lublin Game Party 6on6 LAN with devilry
#4th Goleniów Game Theatre 3on3 LAN with scArifiers
#8th East Games United 2010 LAN with team overplay
#8th Silesia Game Festival 6on6 LAN with onis
#9th UGS 6on6 LAN with idem
#9th-#15th East Games United 2009 LAN with energy
#13th-#16th SAGE LAN 2011 with Titanz
#20th-#30th CIC7 with [*EU*] United Soldiers of Europe
#18th-#24th Antwerp eSports Festival with Titanz
CPUIntel Core2 Duo E8400 3,00GHz BOX
MotherboardAsus P5QL PRO
MemoryA-Data DDR2 2x2048MB Extreme Edition VITESTA 1066+MHz CL5 BOX
StorageSeagate Barracuda ST3500418AS (500GB, 16MB, SATA/300, NCQ)
GraphicsGIGABYTE GeForce GTX 560 Ti
SoundSound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio
Operating SystemWin7 64bit
MonitorViewSonic 19' LCD Monitor
KeyboardRazer Anansi
MouseLogitech MX 518
MousepadRazer Mantis Control
HeadsetSteelseries Spectrum 5XB GAMING PC
ConnectionNetia 6 Mbit/s ADSL