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Playing LoL (add me : Cannii)

Previous Teams

Benelux zeroE FiF.red[/b] » 6on6 team]

Netherlands ReneGade

Line up

Belgium Frauwe (c) <3
Belgium iMmi
Belgium Canni
Netherlands BarBon
Netherlands vis
Belgium Rhand

Back up

Belgium P5Y (cheerleader)
Belgium Nazty
Belgium Alvo
Belgium Brutal
Belgium eron

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Europe Attention[/b] » 6on6 team]
Line up

France seNtehj (c)
Belgium Canni
Finland Good
Belgium Frauwe
Slovenia squAze
Germany znArk

Back up

Finland Devix
France saNjih

Poland #heartZ[/b] » 6on6 team]
Line up

Poland Jason (c) busted
Poland Daemal
Belgium bling/hunti busted
England tekn0
Belgium Canni
Poland F.E.A.R
Finland Modu busted

Back up

Poland Mikeh <3
Sweden baq.
Poland Aranel


France CbZ #Styx[/b] » 6on6 team]
Line up

France F3nris (c)
France evL
France gast
France jAu
France Locky <3
France Narco
France Sunny (lig)
Belgium Canni


France Split[/b] » 6on6 team]
Line Up

France Ykng (c)
France Convct
France Pulp
Belgium Canni
Belgium Aieuh
France Locky
France Blast
Belgium Phoen
Belgium Dodgeh
France ezo busted

Belgium Team Brussels[/b] » 6on6 team]
Line Up

Belgium Goldorak (m)
Belgium Phoen
Belgium Canni
Belgium Dodgeh
Belgium Leito
Belgium Taniban
Belgium evolved
Belgium xDay
Belgium PhiL

France deMentia[/b] » 6on6 team]
Line Up

France Locky (c)
Belgium Bozzoo busted
Belgium Canni
France Kiruaa
Belgium Cox
France Pulp
France Chronos

France wnL[/b] » 6on6 team]
Line Up
France jeffk (c) busted
France pAzu busted
France KArn4j
Belgium Phoen
Belgium Canni
France Cya busted
France Krypton

Back Up

Belgium Mesq
Belgium Lio

Europe Molotov[/b] » 3on3 team]
Line Up

France Legend (c)
Belgium Canni
Belgium Cox
Switzerland Zoltan
France Boby

France CbZ[/b] » 6on6 team]
Line Up

France Bahamut (c)
France 400hz
France F3nris
Belgium Canni
France Armani busted
France Flateu
France Sinik
France Drakkar
Canada Pimp

Belgium emo6on[/b] » 6on6 team]
Line Up

Belgium Jared (c)
Belgium Canni
Belgium Sothis
France Djedje
Belgium Kaizer
France Panth3r busted
Belgium Antho
Belgium Johnny
Sweden Nonix multibusted

France Smiley[/b] » 6on6 team]
Line Up

France Tassin (c)
France Fab
France Ptimino
France Boc
Belgium Canni
France Kali
Belgium Garfield
France Cycy busted

Back Up

France Cid
France ViZz busted

BelgiumWolfgang[/b] » 6on6 team]
Line Up

Belgium BornToKill (c)
Belgium SilentKiller (c)
Belgium PtitPanzer
Belgium Canni
Belgium Jared
France Patriot
Belgium Dreamcatcher
Belgium KingKiller

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Since 18 July 2008

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BoulardsCup - Season 1 with Belgium emo6on
BoulardsCup - Season 4 - Division 5 with France pNz
CFET - Season III - 6o6 - Division 3 with France wnL

SummerCup 2009 - 6o6 - Division 2 with Benelux FiF.red
SummerCup 2008 - 5o5 - Division 4 with Poland heartZ
CFET - Season III - 3o3 - Division 1 with France wnL
Dreamcup - Season II with France wnL
TFET - Season II - Division 3 with France pNz
Warleagues Season XII GroupStage with France deMentia

CB Cup writer/referee :

¤ OpenCup Spring 2007 6o6
¤ OpenCup Fall 2007 6o6
¤ EuroCup XVI
¤ OpenCup Fall 2008 3o3 & 6o6
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