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Germany kNocHe
Germany parzi
Estonia infi_
Germany wsk
Germany Gungy
Europe you?


Finland Thomm
Netherlands Mott4
Netherlands dezire
Netherlands Kiim
Germany iiky
Germany rockskin
Europe too many too name them all


Germany hotshots
Netherlands rockskin
Netherlands Otyg
Netherlands implux
Germany gungy

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Germany duKe_
Germany Bl4d3
Germany kresti
Germany snoop
Switzerland gifty

Austria potter

Manager: Germany Gungy

Belgium Anaconda
Germany Fims
Belgium Notorious
Germany Rayzed
Germany Gungy

England kipster
Estonia friokir
Netherlands zenix
Portugal maggot
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Australia NEXTOR
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ETQW 2007
Germany Feanor
Germany k3nji
Germany Junior
Austria Lá Cr0z
Switzerland invveritas
Germany xime
Germany darr3n
Germany Gungy

#bd.com and query gungy`yummy
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xfire: gungy2041
MSN: gungy at gmx.de

playing ET since 2005

image: GM1872~Good-Friends-Don-t-Let-You-Do-Stupid-Things-Alone-Poster
Germany alhric - nice guy and always up for a mix
Germany joka - "spawn is 1/31-ich war dabei" - flame online but nice in rl <3
Germany cop - "noobnoobnoob"
Germany TimeN - "du bist so ein noob gungy" <3
Germany reign - "wo sind die medics????" - comunio star and vodka victim :p
Germany gren - "schiffchen fahren > et" but nice and sponsoring our server
Germany nakertaa - able to piss everyone off in 2 minutes :D
Germany bd members - best clan ever
England kipster - the one and only "Pickelschwanz" <3
Portugal maggot - João loves jenny! :D <3
Spain HotShots - always stoned but also always funny
Germany aNdiii - see above
Germany HansoO - one of the nicest guys in et
Germany feaNor - next german NBA player
Germany iiky` - i also hate you :p
Germany wsk - old but nice!
Germany parzi - arschloch!
Germany snip0 - ab ins neschd
Poland kito - laughing all the time :D
Germany denniz - never alone <3
Germany sandy - bestest to talk to <3
Finland Rorschach - crazy fintard!
Netherlands dezire - funny dutchie :p
Finland LINDAAA - little crazy fintard!
Poland Am1go - funny slaping and goatsex :p
Europe kapoks.qw members! - always in my heart
Europe exo-members - nice guys
Netherlands Kiim - evil dutchie :)
Belgium Dreamer - gangsta
Belgium analconda - belgians next superstar :D
Finland aksu - LEGENDARY
France francis - french but nice :p
JapanUnited States of AmericaazuKi - Queen of the NERDS :D
United Kingdom wubs - great brit
Netherlands rockskin - quiet dutchie :D
Finland J - finnish picasso
Netherlands Mott4 - !love Mott4
Poland stokkie - fluffy cookies
Finland Thomm - drunktard :D
Germany kNocHe - best medic ever xD
]flag=pl] XeNa - snake woman! :D
Estonia infi_ - estonian footballstar
United Kingdom Panda - awesome microphone, NOT! :D

"Shit happens, life goes on!"

"How come we don't always know when love begins, but we always know when it ends?"

"Your name is unknown, your deed is immortal"

"Love all, trust a few."

"We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope."

yummy yummy i ve got love in my tummy


@mia`: ich hab jetzt vor ner halben stunde alle ameisen die in meiner küche waren getötet
@mia`: und jetzt sind schon wieder welche da :(
@`iNm-wsk: hmm
@`iNm-wsk: respawn
@`iNm-wsk: :D

[15:43] Kipster: famous day tomorrw
[15:43] Gungy: why?
[15:43] Kipster: june the 6th
[15:43] Gungy: erm
[15:43] Gungy: kip
[15:43] Kipster: yea
[15:43] Gungy: its today
[15:43] Kipster: oh yea
[15:43] Kipster: my phone says the 5th LOL

13:13:12 ARCOFF is now known as ARCLiTEE
13:13:19 alhricoff is now known as alhric`
@gungy`yummy: ihr schlaft aber schon zusammen oder?
@ARCLiTEE: ^___^
@ARCLiTEE: wir lieben uns, das verstehst du nicht
@ARCLiTEE: :-<

+`iNm-wsk: saw black guy, instaclose

[13:56] Kipster: its digusting
[13:57] Kipster: this is another situation where it would not be allowed under hitler rule :D

@`Kiim: hmm i already missed my program so np i can play
@gungy`yummy: soap opera?
@gungy`yummy: :D
@`Kiim: no
@gungy`yummy: or porn?
@`Kiim: something else
@`Kiim: xD
@gungy`yummy: porn then
@gungy`yummy: :D
@`Kiim: no not really porn
@`Kiim: but it has to do with sex
@`Kiim: xd

@`Kiim kisses gungy`yummy's feet

@`Kiim kisses gungy`yummy

@gungy`yummy: When you want something you'll get it.At any cost.
@gungy`yummy: thats what facebook says about me
@gungy`yummy: :D
@Anaconda`GTV: i know u want me, and the best part is
@Anaconda`GTV: it costs u nothing !
@Anaconda`GTV: cuz im all yours baby !

@iiky`: gungy wir sollten kinder kriegen

× @wsk` drops his pants
@Rorschach: oh look it's my pet, touch it wsk`
@Rorschach: yes it likes to be pet
@wsk`: its getting bigger
@Rorschach: it's complitely normal
@wsk`: I see, but I'm scared
@wsk`: and curious at the same time

@wsk`: no no
@wsk`: only bois now for me

@iiky`: we should do
@iiky`: cof
@iiky`: with
@iiky`: gungy`yummy
@iiky`: YES
@iiky`: WITH gungy`yummy
@Rorschach: you mean
@Rorschach: gungy`yummy?
@iiky`: ye gungy`yummy
@Rorschach: or gungy`yummy?
@iiky`: no gungy`yummy
@Rorschach: NO!
@Rorschach: gungy`yummy
@iiky`: but gungy`yummy would be nice aswell
@Rorschach: I will only do it with gungy`yummy
@iiky`: ls take both
@Rorschach: not gungy`yummy
@Rorschach: ahh!
@Rorschach: so we take gungy`yummy and gungy`yummy
@Rorschach: how devious
@iiky`: ye
@Rorschach: but we should ask gungy`yummy if it's ok with bringing gungy`yummy
@Rorschach: cause gungy`yummy might not like gungy`yummy
@Rorschach: we need both gungy`yummy and gungy`yummy in it
@iiky`: yep definetly
@iiky`: i hope gungy`yummy will come with uzs
@iiky`: tho gungy`yummy is there too
@Rorschach: now that's where we disagree
@Rorschach: I definately want gungy`yummy
@Rorschach: so uhh
@Rorschach: if this makes it to gungy`yummy's quotes I want to say hi mom and hi friends, I made it!
@iiky`: what he said !

<00:33:45> "Kiim": you wanna lick it wsk?

02:59] mArii #cartoOn.et: u disturbing me in sex cam

14:19:08 @Kiim-: i prefer gangbangs

17:36.45       @J_: I thought you are married
17:36.48       @J_: and bunch of kids too
17:36.51       @wsk`off: no
17:36.53       @wsk`off: LOL

22:27.43       @Mott4: i wanna know how large my penis is!

<23:25:24> "Kiim": else i show naked pics

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image: electrouserbaryb9


being gungy
ESL Freizeitliga 6on6 Winter 07/08 Gruppe C
OC 6on6 fall 2011 4th division
CB Summercup 2009 9th division
#outlaw.et 6v6 Cup
xtarsia 6on6 cup ( lovebirds flying high )
CPUi7 860
Memory4 GB
StorageWD 1 TB
GraphicsHD 5970
Operating SystemWin 7 Premium 64 bit
Mousepadmy desk