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FullHolded bapple on supply

Played in EuroCup XV and XVII with n1ce
Played a lot of NationsCup with team italy
Wolfenstein SW OC Fall 2009 2nd league with team impact
Wolfenstein Ladder Stopwatch 5on5 with team impact
#iSports one-day cup with n1ce.mix
ESL Freizeitliga Spring 07 with n1ce
OpenCup 3on3 Fall 2006 2nd league with retroactive
Clansgame ET Fall Cup with retroactive
Evu Cup 6v6 v1 with retroactive
ESL 6v6 Summer Cup 2006 with n1ce
Warleagues Season 6 Bravo with n1ce
ESL 3v3 Summer Cup 2006 with n1ce
OpenCup 6v6 Spring 2006 2nd league with n1ce
ESL International ET 6v6 Ladder with n1ce
Minicup.HU 6v6 with n1ce
Italian Cup 6v6 by ZeroPing with NightForce
Clanbase Italian Ladder 6v6 with Pussy Partigian Squad
Mediterranean Cup with n1ce
OpenCup 6v6 Fall 2006 with retroactive
ESL 6on6 Fall Cup with retroactive
Fast Xrent Cup 3v3 with NightForce
OpenCup 6v6 Fall 2009 2nd League with n1ce
Re-Play 6on6 Oneday Cup #6 with n1ce
Enemy Territory 6on6 Sunday Night Cup II with n1ce
ET-Cup Version #28 with n1ce
4th One Day Cup by Get-Liga with n1ce
4th ET 6vs6 hotcup with n1ce

10th @ Crossfire Devotii Challenge 4 with n1ce.LAN