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20:55… Ronner: ik wil je
21:16… M1lk`i: oO

00:21; FF|gnajda`: TCM|M1lky
00:21; FF|gnajda`: 3on3?
00:22; TCM|M1lky: ok
00:23; FF|gnajda`:;password berza
00:23; FF|gnajda`: TCM|M1lky
00:23; FF|gnajda`: ok ?
00:23; TCM|M1lky: k
00:44; FF|gnajda`: haha go play rttv
00:44; FF|gnajda`: :DDDDD
00:44; FF|gnajda`: 4 banend players
00:44; FF|gnajda`: hihiih
00:45; FF|gnajda`: 4:20 @ gold on ettv
00:45; FF|gnajda`: nice nice nice nice
00:45; FF|gnajda`: :DDDDD
00:45; TCM|M1lky: bad loser
00:45; FF|gnajda`: play normal map, like sd
00:45; FF|gnajda`: gold too many walls
00:45; FF|gnajda`: :))
00:46; TCM|M1lky: you picked goldrush
00:46; TCM|M1lky: mongol
00:46; FF|gnajda`: for your team
00:46; TCM|M1lky: mate last time you didnt whine like this
00:46; TCM|M1lky: dont see why you start talking to me it was david u flamed at ingame
00:46; FF|gnajda`: hehehe, u play with 4 fucking banned players
00:47; TCM|M1lky: ok mate
00:47; FF|gnajda`: opls TCM|M1lky i dont understand why u play with guys like mize
00:47; FF|gnajda`: :DDDD
00:48; TCM|M1lky: i dont understand why FF plays with you
00:48; FF|gnajda`: because i dont have ban/banned
00:48; FF|gnajda`: like mize? :DDD
00:49; TCM|M1lky: who else is banned from tcm
00:49; FF|gnajda`:#Team-CoolerMaster has joined #Team-CoolerMaster
00:49; FF|gnajda`: perfo :))
00:49; FF|gnajda`: np
00:49; TCM|M1lky: you said 4
00:49; FF|gnajda`: ok sorry 2
00:50; TCM|M1lky: 3
00:50; FF|gnajda`: and maybe fost
00:50; FF|gnajda`: ?:))
00:50; FF|gnajda`: ok guys
00:50; FF|gnajda`: wanna play 3on3 ?
00:50; FF|gnajda`: withoout any whine?
00:50; TCM|M1lky: im going to look for a better opponent sorry
00:51; FF|gnajda`: hahah, go play normal
00:51; TCM|M1lky: ok, I will play "normal"
00:52; FF|gnajda`: TCM|M1lky
00:52; FF|gnajda`: come to serv
00:52; FF|gnajda`: go play normal without whine
00:52; FF|gnajda`: sry
00:52; FF|gnajda`: i hate mize
00:52; FF|gnajda`: :O
00:52; TCM|M1lky: go away
00:53; FF|gnajda`: lol pls. play 2 amaps, we play @ gold with 12 peoples in channel vent
00:54; FF|gnajda`: we want to play normal
00:54; FF|gnajda`: loeld

flo / gifty says:
you were in my dream
we were somewhere in the holidays
and we walked through some gardens with rapt6rr

Michiel zegt:
en als een knetter lopen fliterten in het cafe
Robert zegt:
fliterten ?
Michiel zegt:
je weet wel
elkaar in de ogen kijekn
Robert zegt:
Michiel zegt:
je weet toch hoe alchotoon ik ben


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