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a very own opinion about 'pool - chelsea cl semifinal:
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Hungary d0dy
Hungary K4T0N4
Hungary foonr
Hungary foonr
Hungary foonr
Hungary Isl4m
Hungary adze
Sweden NuggaN
Sweden Kiitos
Sweden Nils
Sweden Wizzel
Sweden uniX
Sweden foonr
Sweden foonr
Sweden foonr
Sweden wol
Sweden foonr
Sweden nordaN
United Kingdom evantej
United Kingdom miXer
United Kingdom foonr
United Kingdom matz
United Kingdom visore
United Kingdom pie
United Kingdom foonr
United Kingdom foonr
United Kingdom foonr
United Kingdom foonr
United Kingdom foonr
United Kingdom foonr
United Kingdom foonr
United Kingdom foonr
United Kingdom foonr
United Kingdom Reflect
United Kingdom foonr
Poland Wiesiek
Poland ufoonr
Poland endarked
Poland dvk3
Poland edain
Poland crakenfoonr
Poland naga
Poland maik
Poland zMk
Poland Michalekfoonr
Poland templariofoonr
Poland f|xxxerfoonr
Poland runos
Poland Godfoonr(<3)
Poland kaurz
Poland RadZiu
Poland screw
Poland sLX
Poland GreatEye
Poland foonr
Poland foonr
Poland exootic
Israel deadmAn
Netherlands Cobra
Netherlands vanquish
Netherlands ins
Netherlands perforator<3foonr
Estonia sCyter
Estonia monk
Estonia Fierro
Estonia EmeRica
Switzerland Lady
Switzerland arrow
Turkey quZan
Finland foonr
Finland Matias who? foonr... safe
Finland besche
Finland exe
Finland Kentsu
Germany roYal
Germany foonr
Germany foonr
Germany tuz0
Germany ph6xy
Germany fatihj
Germany myst6x
Austria silentfoonr
Italy MiC
Portugal sexyhotfoonr - SO TRUE :DSD
Portugal Archy
Portugal kMt
Spain a1rs
Spain pzyqo
Spain dude
Spain JeFaZo
Spain Radifz?
Spain Gengis
Spain MaRTe
Spain polass

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Well... Its just me.
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My love/girl/etc :)
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Family trip with the BEAST
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Somewhere in England...
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Rest In Peace Supercat :(
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Checkpoint of my life :DDD
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Some Hungarian Lan...
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The old emo Trev x)
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----- admin abuse 2007 winner -----> foonr was here lolz
----- admin abuse 2008 winner -----> gayboy again oloololz
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Story about Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins
Trev!ze "obstacle 2" message:
teacher! donno... i would fuck one while she licks the other twin
Trev!ze "obstacle 2" message:
okok jenny lewis can watch me
foonr message:
no man
foonr message:
u'll be watching me
foonr message:
do jenny
foonr message:
shes gonna be busy
CPUAMD 2400+ @ 2,0 Ghz
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Storage2 x Seagate 120 Gb @ 7200 rpm
GraphicsATI Radeon 9600 Atlantis @ 256 Mb
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MonitorSamsung Syncmaster 765MB
KeyboardLogitech G15
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