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clanleader: Poland Fenix

Poland umbra
Poland radzi00
Poland xavier
Poland klaku
Poland lizz
Poland tomcio

Poland baggins
Poland maverick
Poland jabol
Poland mr q
Poland spider
Poland mekka
Poland puchacz
Poland baszu
Poland wzz
Poland erk
Poland noxious
Poland extreme
Poland kane

Poland other
Poland venom
Poland fester

Poland lesbian
Poland duce
Poland nigga
Poland kermajt
Poland marmo
Poland rosenrot
Poland choor/tbzho
Poland blachta

Poland gucio
Poland jucken
Poland skyr
Poland erikson

Poland filozof
Poland kratek
Poland winkler
Poland gaxx
Poland mayki
Poland pijar
Poland dest
Poland anemia

Poland pr0fesor
Poland verso
Poland chelmianin
Poland pudik
Poland krycha
Poland beniek
Poland fuxor
Poland syriusz
Poland stexx
Poland pasek
Germany/Poland z3R0

Poland dNL
Poland lamka


Poland krz
Poland axel
Poland Rid3r
Poland toxic
Poland iLLi
Poland sosi
Poland dnl


Poland piko
Poland mikkolo
Poland lutoor
Poland dnl


Poland Yaro
Poland MaK
Poland killer
Poland misi3k
Poland chelmianin
Poland falcon
Poland profesor
Poland bush
Poland dnl


Poland spider
Poland lamka
Poland twister
Poland vitek
Poland dudus
Poland johny melonik
Poland noname
Poland serek
Poland dnl


Poland LutOOr
Poland Mikkolo
Poland pico
Poland winkler
Poland lamka
Poland erik
Poland hillas
Poland MaK
Poland dnl
Netherlands FartZ


Poland Bait
Poland Lest
Poland lamka
Poland saints
Poland winq
Poland dnl


Poland n00n
Poland Xanah
Poland chester
Poland dvk3
Poland rio
Poland dnl


Poland dnl
Poland syriusz
Poland lamek
Poland stexx
Poland hotti
Poland blk
Poland winkler
Poland pasek
Germany/Poland z3R0
Poland sonsee
Poland beniek
Poland evokz

played OC premier 6on6 once


Poland dNL
Poland lamek
Poland syriusz
Poland winq
Poland robol
Poland sosi

Played @ EGU LAN 6on6 2009, advanced to playoffs


Poland n00n
Poland miks
Poland han3s
Poland syriusz
Poland dnl


Poland dnl
Poland syriusz
Poland lamek
Poland winq
Poland Rafacz
Poland sw1ruz
Poland Jadol
Poland pico
Poland mietas
Poland riseje
Poland blk

played OC premier 6on6/5on5 twice


Poland dnl
Poland syriusZ
Poland lamekk
Poland winq
Poland Cursed
Poland Robol
Poland Jadol
Poland riseje
Poland klejf
Poland krein
Poland stexx
Poland fanatic
Poland rumun
Finland Metsuri
Poland Aima
Poland michat

OC premier 2010 5on5
played EC quali and another OC premier


Poland dnl
Poland syriusZ
Poland palemki
Poland miks
Poland riseye
Poland hassaN

won polish Allstars 2011


Poland l4z
Poland w1lko
Poland Abject
Poland mag
Poland WuT
Poland syriusZ
Poland dnl


Poland syriusZ
Poland stexx
Poland Voodoo
Poland Pius
Poland saqu
Poland dnl

played OC Premier 3on3
played EC XXVI 6on6, reached 1/2

Poland f|xxxer : How can you know anything about skill if the only thing which you base on your gameplay is bot
United Kingdom tekn0 : nice WH dnl
Finland Metsuri : nice knowning
Finland olBaa : How the fuck do you know all the time??
Finland olBaa : I want demos after the war
Finland swanidius : cu in next nC list
Norway Zodiac : FU bimbot user
Norway Eirik : ya sure
Norway Lakaii : your the worst cheater i've ever seen
Netherlands saKen : too bad you're the wallhacker
Netherlands pds : q2nf|dnl soon i will say bye bye to you ;D
Netherlands pds : when you finally get your ban we can laugh :D
Germany draqii : nice knowning dnl
Germany FaKy : gg hackers
Germany FaKy : who are you?
Czech Republic jaallo : dnl what was that ??
France straf : nice knowning

sinnu was killed by dnl
Estonia sinnu : welcome
Estonia sinnu : to enemy territory, world full of cheaters

France KDL : nice knowledge
France KDL : dnl you are so bad
France KDL : no gamesens
France KDL : only aim

Belgium worm : well done
Belgium worm : for being outstanding at supply
Belgium jetro : we got raged like a bunch of polish teenage girls
Belgium worm : nice aiming
Belgium jetro : nice capping the flag 10 seconds before your spawn
Belgium jetro : genious
Belgium jetro : unhittable chocolateface
Belgium worm : gtfo, you won't win anyway
Belgium worm : you are sad
Belgium worm : polak

Poland edain : ej to nie cod4 ze slychac oddech
Poland edain : moze nie ta ikonke wlaczyles
Poland edain : zamiast et.exe
Poland edain : nexus.exe
Poland craken : i tak na lanie nigdzie nie grales
Poland craken : chyba ze wypizdow LAN 2k8
Poland craken : czy piwnica LAN 2007
Poland edain : to tak jak some i pacman
Poland edain : nagle przed PGA 2006 im sie teamy porozlatywaly

(21:27:25) (dnl`) 3o3?
(21:27:36) (^jESUS) i said no hackers
(21:27:36) (^jESUS) bye
(21:27:44) (dnl`) lol?
(21:28:13) (dnl`) I think u are mistaking me with somebody
(21:28:18) (dnl`) lets play
(21:28:31) (^jESUS) i think you hack
(21:28:31) (^jESUS) ye
(21:28:34) (^jESUS) bye

Finland olBaa : wtf
Finland olBaa : randoms
Finland olBaa : lol leave after this map
Finland olBaa : fucking random cheaters
Poland dnl : never heard of kapaa or olBaa
Finland olBaa : who the fuck r you
Finland olBaa : fucking randoms leave
Poland syriusz : you aint random?
Finland olBaa : you dont even know me
Finland kapaa : must be polaks

United Kingdom R0ss: polish fucktards
United Kingdom R0ss: all ur good at
United Kingdom R0ss: being unhittable
United Kingdom R0ss: and camping
United Kingdom R0ss: gratz

[19:30] <sWat{syriusz> :XD
[19:30] <sWat{syriusz> kurwa z malczikiem ?
[19:30] <sWat{winq> zmadrzal
[19:31] <sWat{winq> gralem z nim wczoraj
[19:31] <sWat{winq> i zmienil sie

image: 6250588149

image: 978578_o


played premier league 6on6/5on5 5 times and 3on3 3 times

played EC quali 2011 (lost 1-3 to Spain gZcon )

played EC XXVI, reached 1/2

OC premier 2010

Won Polish Allstars 2011 @ Team South

participated @ UGSLAN 2008 6on6 (3on3 finally didnt take a place)
0-4 with re-play
0-4 with mD :<
4-0 with POBOR
drank a lot of beers and smoked a lot of joints ;)

participated @ EGULAN 2009 6on6
2-4 with dECLINE (lost radar with 0,5 sec ;P)
4-0 with overplay
4-0 with deathguards
0-1 with invitium (lan failed and we couldn't finish)
CPUINTEL CORE i5-4690 3.5GHZ LGA 1150
MotherboardASUS B85M-G LGA 1150
Operating SystemWindows 7 x64
MonitorSamsung Syncmaster 2232BW 22"
MouseRazer Deathadder
MousepadRazer mantis speed
HeadsetSennheiser hd555
Connection100 mb/s