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My current team:

My ex-teams (most known):
Europe mousetek e-sports[/b] « sc2]
Belgium xZUMIEx
Netherlands Adelise
Netherlands bnan
Netherlands twiggy
Netherlands NEEK

Europe Team Volcomatic[/b] « cod4]
Belgium xZUMIEx
Belgium VisiouS'
Netherlands DylnZ
Netherlands InsaneH
Netherlands frits
Netherlands jdI

Europe synergie gaming[/b] « moh:aa]
Netherlands Sasha Grey
Netherlands v!sion
Belgium zumiie
Netherlands muscut
Netherlands chiqo
Netherlands Psycho
Netherlands sir.Kurtz
Netherlands dissy
United Kingdom Darkeh

Belgium codedMind[/b] « cod4]
Belgium zumiie
Belgium Dax
Belgium Raid
Belgium Tiedie
Belgium Xero

Benelux #pjclan.eu|[/b] « moh:aa]
Netherlands Sasha Grey
Netherlands v!sion
Belgium zumiie
Belgium kreator
Belgium Polini
Belgium megumi
Netherlands sir.Kurtz

Benelux Viti Network Gaming[/b] « moh:aa]
Belgium SilverStarke
Belgium zumiie
Belgium Snakeyes
Netherlands Glitch
Belgium Squeezer
Belgium Solid-Killer
Netherlands PsychoTronic
Netherlands v!sion
Belgium Kreator
Belgium WoOkiE
Belgium kodiak
Belgium megumi

Europe knockout.sh #[/b] « moh:sh]
Belgium zumiie
Belgium rage
Netherlands prAysh0t^
Netherlands Jochem
Netherlands Fabian!
Netherlands Wesley!
Belgium N!ght¥^
Netherlands ClOwN^
Poland Dr.rzirO-
Portugal veko0pz!^
Netherlands Darrow!

Benelux #EsQ[/b] « moh:sh]
Belgium zumiie
Netherlands Skilz0r!
Netherlands IceY!
Netherlands Uncle Dave
Netherlands Solid_Aapie
Netherlands Chao$^

Benelux borntorifle[/b] « moh:sh]
Belgium zumiie
Netherlands Outsider
Netherlands Icey
Netherlands bul
Belgium Wodan
Netherlands graveman
Netherlands Adidas
Belgium predator
Belgium maximum
Netherlands JooPie
Belgium DragUn
Netherlands Naox

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Team achievements offline:
BelgiumBitbusters SC2: 1th out of 12
BelgiumSugerlan SC2: 4th out of 24 with Belgium mousetek
BelgiumFOM 11.0 CoD4: 5th out of 16 with Belgium codedMind

Team achievements online:
CB OpenCup:1s League Obj Real Fall 09 with Benelux synergie
CB HostedCup: 2nd League nvision Fall 09 with Benelux synergie
CB OpenCup: 3rd League Obj Real Spring 09 with Benelux synergie
CB OpenCup: 3rd League Obj Real Fall 08 with Benelux #pjclan.eu
CPUIntel Core i7 920 @ 2.67GHz
MotherboardAsus P5Q-E s775
Memory6144MB RAM
Storage1 TB
Operating SystemWindows 7
MonitorCooler Master 590
KeyboardSteelseries 6Gv2
MouseLogitech G5