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My loverzzzz :

Milit <3 my sexy rifle standin
jaQula <3 my chickenfarm eier wixer
blitz <3 moviemake with Chuck Norris quality
Tasslehoff <3 for being my tas LE
Rymmer <3 for beïng my allround 4 stars Hotel service-room-girls checker
freSh <3 coz he is mijn geile turk
muffzre <3 he is the Dänish Dynamite fosho!
durex <3 for simple my best and safest object
poiussino_ <3 he is my mobyDICK
adze <3 for being my hungarian whiner
Wakizashi <3 for being my Poets of fall - They locking up MARTIJN :o
Kito <3 my uber moviemaker and my personal coach
cArloz <3 for being my housewife if i have to clean up something
piimapak <3 for my picture editor
d-sing <3 for a little thing, he make great things nP
mlo <3 for being someone
spree <3 for allways be the smartest one and allways being true
mAshed_ <3 for the best shoutcaster ever!
vegas <3 for being my Mike Tyson
neve <3 for being my Chuck Norris
h3ro!n <3 for being the best drug i allways need ingame!
eRnnN <3 Theb best staw the best!
thnd <3 my thundershok with tits
r6l <3 my American Hot Sauce blower
leito <3 for being mijn leito?
timoun <3 Hakunamatatta
rediX <3 coz he allways calls me with his computer
archy <3 my sexy portuguesse model
rize <3 for being my privat field ops if i need ammo
rachet <3 for being my hairy teacher

*** IMPORTANT *** archy!!! <3 for being my allways loving skilled portuguesse sexy nice NC playing fps boy <3