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image: scwide468x60

my cheater avis <3

--> avi. scorch_nc!
--> avi. jaNv1
--> avi. scorch & jaNv2
--> avi. jaNv3
--> avi. jaNv4
--> avi. jaNv5
--> avi. jaNv6
--> avi. jaNv7
--> avi. jaNv8(NEW)

My minimovies

--> jaN the Minimovie
--> sNogard Dragons Trailer
--> Scorch-pwnz
--> jaNpwnzv2
--> jaNpwnz
--> scorch FOSURE
--> Dr4goOnpwnz

I am the One ! I AM image: at jaN !

--> Kenta! <3[/b]
Austria jaN definitly don't hack same as krest they are clean , wp guys :)@ cdc3

--> Jago <3[/b]
hast gut gespielt auf der cdc3 :P respect und sry dass ich dich als cheater geschimpft habe :<
scorch war irgendwie das gegenteil

--> bL1nd <3[/b]
im like your fanboi from now ;D watched only @ you on CDC3 ETTV

--> BuLL <3[/b]
jaN played really well at cdc3. We never heard of him but he aimed so hard sometimes. I dont know him, but that's what I know.

Some screens from my cfg @ Goldrush

--> Goldrush v1
--> Goldrush v2
--> Goldrush v3


image: at CDC3 Team - Chill on Fire @ image: nl Enschede
image: at CC6 Team - Team Plasa @ image: nl Enschede

ET History:

image: at ETK (2004)
image: at The Specialist [0x0] (2005)
image: at 8bit gaming (2006)
image: de reloaded-gaming (2006/7)
image: at Ultima Ratio (2007)
image: at Revelation (2007)
image: at Team Plasa (2007)
image: eu myLegend (2007)
image: nl fayntic - ictus (2007)
image: de Highbot (2007)
image: at own3D.aT (2007)
image: at Team Austria 6on6 (2008)
image: de Highbot (2008)
image: at Team Plasa (2009)
image: de sNogard Dragons (2010)
image: de Outcasts (2010)
image: de team oxid (2010)
image: at Team Austria 3on3/5on5 (2011)
image: at Team Austria 6on6 (2012)
image: at Team Austria 6on6 (2013)



CSS History:

image: de Team 3o5 - 5on5

image: 7814
image: 2657ea2
image: 2903ly4
image: atjq2pvv4mu88o82ppngfq8image: 130bc5
image: 533ok2

image: counter

image: scsquare300x250



Tricking is my life <3

Favourite YouTube Videos
CPU-- AMD Phenom II 965 x4 4x 3,4 GHz
Motherboard-- AMD Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DS5
Memory-- DDR3 1333 MHz 8096 MB Corsair Dual Path
Storage-- 880 GB
Graphics-- NVIDIA EVGA GTX 570 SSC 1792MB
Sound-- Creative Soundblaster
Operating System-- Windows 7 64bit
Monitor-- TFT 22* LG
Keyboard-- Raptor Gaming K1
Mouse-- MX 518
Mousepad-- [STEELPAD 5L]
Headset-- [SteelSeries Siberia SK]
Connection-- Chello / Plus