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Me from Romania Romania but living in Italy Italy for 6 years now image: 85uurcw

Speaking: Romania Italy England Germany

» Life

» Pics


» Enemy Territory

Class: medic & engy
Weapon: smg & rifle
Favourite maps: braundorf & supply
Servers: publics when nothing to do :<

Currently playing for:

Europe St0ners (aka ENERGIE) - #St0ners / ETGamer.net
Romania Team Romania - #et.romania

Clan History

Europe ENERGIE (aka St0ners) - sticking to it since August 2006
Europe [Oops!]Team (public team, had much fun with u guys)

and ofc many Europe 2 Weeks clans

:x logji: while tj with 50km/h you gave me 2 hs

Milic: and wallhack is not cheats/hack like aimbot! i know that cheats but no like aimots!
Milic: when you have got aimbot you can have got 300 kills and nobody cant kill you!
Milic: when you have got wallhack you can kill you!

[KOALA-SLO-ENERG]: i won 1 on 1 high skilld on smoking marihuana
<KOALA-SLO-ENERG> wtfis wheat publick lag like a heel ping and fps
<KOALA-SLO-ENERG> lol i play now 1on1 whet 1 low+ and he is leav srver lol
eSPB /E/ Koala: all ypu 3 play players fix maxpack or i kick you you unhitbl fuck
KoaLA M.H.: realy i dont know the et go to smoke i weed maybe i understud
KoaLA^ENERGIE: greg horen you stupid noob are you fuck whet me
JohnnyWalker: my connection is fine, i have 200 fps

Romania Nexus - my brother & showed me ET for 1st time :XD
Estonia Dj-Freeze - playing with him since jaymod times <3
Slovenia K1M1 - best clanleader ever
Finland BLOB - one of best player & english i played with
Norway nViz - best selfkiller in ET scene <3
Slovenia K0aLa - ENERGIE's team mascot :XD
Romania Romanian players i play with
Anonymous All my friends ;)

Contact me...

image: 6kk7ed1 e-mail: mircea.simi@gmail.com
image: 85o3wa1 Crossfire: PM me
image: 8g8n2us IRC: /msg iNvId` - #St0ners
image: 7wrqwqw hi5 Profile: hi5

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Being always myself
Playing Enemy Territory since 2005
Most time stayed awake: 5 days
Got drunk only once

- Played NationsCup XI with Romania Team Romania
- Played 2v2 RifleCup with Europe [Oops!]Team and owned Europe St0ners
Memory512 Mb
Storage80 Gb
GraphicsGeForce Ti 4000
Operating SystemMicrosoft xp, Professional Edition
MonitorSamsung SyncMaster 710v
MouseLogitech mx518
Headset7 euro :o)
ConnectionADSL 10mb