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Welcome to my profile » spann3r Germany / Greece

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image: lastpost Hell Squad Germany 3on3 Squad

Germany Spann3r
Germany kallomena
Austria maver

Homepage: Klick
IRC: #hsgclan
Contact: Klick
Ehrenmember: AuroraAngel, Wodka, silent, donQuichot

image: lastpost Team Astra 2on2 Squad

Germany Spann3r
Germany kallomena

image: lastpost Team Hamburg[/u] 6on6 Squad

Germany Spann3r
Germany kallomena
Germany zhul
Germany eNCORE
Germany knightje
Germany pZyKo
Germany mUnduS
Contact: Klick

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image: et Enemy Territory
image: adventureminigolflogovf7 Minigolf

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image: bdot Contact[/b]:
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image: icqxu3 260664293
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The Pursuit of Happyness
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Saw 1 - 4
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Snatch - Schweine und Diamanten[/center]

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image: imagessyx5
"Ying Yang Twins - Wait The Whisper Song"

image: t180fpsi1
"Ying Yang Twins ft. Trick Daddy - What's Happnin' !"

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"Ying Yang Twins Ft. Mike Jones - Badd"

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"213 - groupie love"

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image: bdot Shoutouts[/b]:
Austria maver - 3on3? Passt :D
Austria silent - sexiest voice alive xD
Germany virtu - 0 dmg @ 1:40 tc_base : <
Germany FaKy - Treuer Gefährte aus Ost-low
Germany meffen - Danke für die ganzen HP's
image: strichxm4

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@ ESL International 3on3 League
Killed 7 guys with pf @ 6on6
CPUAMD Athlon 64 3400+
Memory2 GB RAM
GraphicsGeForce 7600 GT
SoundCreative Soundblaster 24 Bit
MonitorLG Flatron 17" TFT
KeyboardLogitech G15
MouseLogitech G5
Mousepadhama silikonding
HeadsetSennheiser PC 150
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