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Team Rockit just won the ET-Cup!

image: 5mmh3p8s
Today's grand final was Germany Team Rockit' time to make a statement about their dominance in the Enemy Territory scene. They won the image: et ET-Cup for all ET Reborn Lan teams in an impressive way - first of all they won the upper bracket final against sick6 with a very good performance on Radar and a really sick flag fullhold on Supply Depot.

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kReSti and his new project!

Some days ago I was browsing Crossfire and while checking the recent journals and forum topics my attention got caught by a post named "Building new ET team" - well, nowadays you do see such posts every day but I was interested because
Germany kReSti made the post and I thought he is still playing for PDEG. Well, to keep it short he is not but he does have a great motivation for his new project and that`s why I had a short chat with him.
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